First of all…..this is another post that is not meant for the “faint of heart”. I’m going to throw my “girl manners” out the window and talk “straight talk” for a bit. I’ll call it “farm lingo”, so you know what I’m talking about. If you can’t take the heat, turn away. If you’re a brave soul….come along for the ride. I want to show you what’s going on in my world besides cows and calves. 075.jpg    Oh my goodness! What have we here? Yep! It’s a basket full of little puppies. And they’re all ours…..for now. I just about had heart failure. What in the world am I going to do with more dogs?! Something has got to give…..and I have the perfect solution. It’s my farm platform…..”off with the nuts”! 026      All the drama started right here. This is Sausage……also known as “Saw Mutt”. I have no idea where the kids come up with these crazy nicknames. Remember back some time ago when it was a “humping frenzy” around here with four male dogs? Yes, I was in a frenzy myself, and so the dogs took a nice little trip to the veterinary clinic. All of them except for Sausage. We felt sorry for him because he was such a little runt. So, he was allowed to keep his “nuts”. Huge mistake!  052.jpg       Some pathetic loser dropped off a female dog that they didn’t want anymore. I sure wish I could get my hands on them. This poor dog was so skinny and skittish that we couldn’t even get close to her. She still looks pathetic. I guess Saw Mutt thought she was very beautiful because here we are, five puppies later. We’ve been able to pet her and get close enough to feed her, since she’s had her puppies. When cows are skinny and frail like this, it’s impossible to get them bred. I guess that doesn’t apply to dogs?! 078.jpg     We’ve never had puppies before. It’s always been cows and cats that procreate around here. This is all new to us. Candace is so excited. My heart sank when I first heard the news, but now I’m getting used to the idea. They are kinda cute. I warned Candace that we cannot keep them. She’s going to have to find homes for all of them and the Mother. 044.jpg     Yessiree! Sausage is a proud Papa! His “nuts” are dragging the ground, but not for long. I am going to be a responsible adult and take the Saw Mutt for a little “road trip” to the veterinary clinic. No more “hanky panky” for him. He isn’t meant to be a family man. All of our dogs are just plain ‘ole hounds. That’s the only way.  086.jpg     Meanwhile, one of our many black cats decided to also give birth. I was walking out to the barn on a rainy, chilly morning and discovered this “thing” giving birth right there on the concrete. For heavens sake cat, can’t you find a better place?! So, being the responsible adult that I am, I found a box for her to lay in. She popped out 7 little “maggots”. Here again, what in the world am I going to do with more cats?! Free kittens anyone?  081.jpg       So, there you have it. The facts of life! Things are getting pretty “spooky” around here. It IS getting close to Halloween. My, my, my… calves, kittens and puppies. Sure hope the chickens don’t surprise me with baby chicks. The only thing left to do is to pick up my “girl manners” again, dust myself off, and go out and make my Mother proud. Is that the responsible thing to do…………….Carol