I think it’s high time I introduce you to my world of “fitness”. We don’t have time for the “gym world”……besides, what would I wear?! I don’t have all the cool and cute gym clothes. All I have is old and ragged chore clothes that have “forever stains” on them. Besides that, I don’t have to worry about anyone watching me out of the corner of their eye. It’s just me and the bossy bovines. So, roll up your sleeves……I’m going to give you a little workout.005.jpg       First of all…..do you remember what a pitchfork is? It’s important to have 3 to 4 of them laying around the farm. They sure come in handy when it’s time to bed down calf hutches. This big pile of straw needs to be distributed down that row of hutches. Nobody gets to eat until this is finished. I wanted to run and hide when I saw this big pile. Help! The dogs are absolutely no help at all! Just me and the Boss Man. Too bad it’s a school day.010.jpg     Earl took the loader tractor and tried to pull the bale apart and put it on smaller piles. That makes it a little easier to “fork” and “throw”. Still……it’s a shoulder and arm workout that will make you ache by the time you’re done. I feel about bedding down calf hutches the way the boys feel about Cross Country running. 012.jpg      Here we have Earl demonstrating how it’s supposed to be done. Take a huge bite with your pitchfork and throw it inside the hutch. Over and over and over. No stopping for a drink either. Well, just a little one. Maybe this is where I get my “big bite” eating habits?!013.jpg      Then the cows have to walk over and investigate. In their minds, they have to check and make sure we’re doing a good enough job. It’s for their babies, you know. If they’re not satisfied, they proceed to drop a “full load” on the fresh straw to show their displeasure. That’s about the time I go “nuts” and lose my temper. 017.jpg      This is what it looks like when everything is finished. Nice and fluffy and ready for the next wave of brand, new calves. Great job! Wait! Don’t leave just yet, I have another job that needs to be done.187.jpg        Go ahead and unload this pile of firewood. I picked this up to clear the way for more hutches. So, now I’m going to use it for my “ring of fire”. This is good exercise, I’m sure. I’m not interested in exercise right now….I’m hungry as a bear!074.jpg           Well, it’s finally time to eat breakfast. Or is it lunch? We’ll call it brunch. This should help me gain back all the calories I just “burned” off. Maybe a nap would help put it back on too…………………..Carol