“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Does anyone remember that saying? I’m weird, but I don’t really get hungry for apples until the fall season. Once it finally cools down and the scarecrows, pumpkins and black cats appear……then I get hungry for apples. I start thinking about apple dumplings, apple pie, caramel apples and apple cider. I’ll take that cider hot or cold. I love cider! Well, I went to an “apple” party last week, and I’m going to tell you all about it. Come with me…………055.jpg      Ok, here’s the deal. Everyone was to bring a dish with the secret ingredient……apple. We then judged each dish for taste, creativity, and appearance. Here are the winners! They did a fabulous job! Candace won the appearance prize with her apple dumplings. Nancy is in the middle….she won creativity with her cinnamon apples. Last but not least….Caroline won the taste prize with her chicken salad.  047.jpg            We had four different kinds of soup to choose from. The committee members always bring soup so that we have something hot to eat. You know how we women are. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. We have a way of making our lives complicated. 048.jpg       Here’s a picture of the cinnamon apples. They were all wrapped up in cute wrapping and tags. Nancy is always so crafty with her dishes. Kinda makes me jealous she can come up with all those cute ideas. Congratulations, neighbor. Make a “fancy” dish for your favorite “milkmaid”. Haha  I don’t have time to be fancy.049.jpg     This picture doesn’t do justice for the apple dumplings and chicken salad. You’ll just have to take my word for it. That chicken salad was to die for. Holy cow! I ate my fair share. Then the dumplings…….come to Mama! So delicious!  063.jpg       This cake didn’t actually win a prize, but it sure was tasty. I took some home for my morning coffee, and it hit the spot. I couldn’t stop with just one bite. I kept going back for more and before long it was gone. What a shame! The question is….did Evie make this cake or did she just grab it for the “photo shoot”. 062.jpg      Then we have dear Ida. I call her our “committee Mother”. She’s mature, smart and older, so that means she’s wiser and is allowed to tell me what to do. Yes Ma’am.  067.jpg     Here we are…..the “heifers” in charge. That’s my “cow lingo” carrying over into my social life. What social life? That’s why I don’t leave the farm very often. I have no social skills. Oh yeah! Check out our pumpkin centerpieces. The flowers come from my garden, but I cheated and bought the pumpkins. I kinda like how they turned out. I want to do that again. Why do I always wear black and white? Those cows are so controlling………………….Carol