Well, I did it again. I went and totally destroyed my flowerbed. I tore out the old and planted brand new. I’ve been thinking about this project for quite some time and finally put my ideas into action. I always have to roll things around in my head first before I finally put my foot down, hands on my hips, and let Mad Cow take over. Yes, it was quite extreme.  113.jpg       This is the finished product. Ahhh…..so much better. My poor little hostas will finally be able to breathe and get some fresh air. They’ve been smothered by those huge, prickly rose bushes for too long. Just think, I’ll be able to watch the birds while I sit by the window and sip my coffee. Hahaha I just fell off my chair laughing….like that’s gonna happen. 093.jpg        It hit me in a “sudden” kind of way one morning, that today was the day. This is what I was up against. Big, wholly bushes that had turned ugly. It took a little coaxing, before I got anyone to move my direction. I finally said….”Fine, I’ll operate the tractor myself……I’m a big girl”.That got their attention.  103.jpg  This is why a tractor comes in handy with all of my gardening projects. A nice, big log chain and we are good to go. Yes, tractor tires on my front yard. I’ve seen much worse, so I’m not sayin’ a word. I can look the other direction and not see a thing.104.jpg     Good riddance you big, ugly rose bushes. To the burn pile you go. I love roses, but need to find a different spot for them. This was not working anymore.106.jpg     Oh dear……what have I done?! It looks so bare. So weird. Did I do the right thing? So, I forged ahead. Too late to turn back now. Time to finish the project.   109.jpg      I placed everything where I thought I wanted it. I couldn’t go ahead and plant because all I had was a broken shovel handle. Yes, I broke it. It was all very innocent, and I wasn’t even having a temper tantrum when it happened. I guess I don’t know my own strength. Haha So, I went to town the next day and bought not one, but two brand new shovels. Two of everything is the perfect number around here.  126.jpg     I love my “oak leaf” hydrangea. I’ve wanted one for a long time. I can’t wait to see what it’ll produce next summer. I hope it survives the winter.   127.jpg     I bought plenty of pansy’s, so I went ahead and planted around the whole front of the house. I was on a roll. It’s important to get as much done as I can while the inspiration is flowing. Sooner or later the energy level will crash, and then it’s back to milking bossy bovines.  128.jpg     The old wash tub is there to catch all the rain water, but the dogs and cats believe it’s been put there for them. Whatever! I’m too tired to argue. I think I’ll wrap up this project and go take a nap…………………..Carol