I think it’s time for an update on all our “young stock” we have around here. We keep having new calves weekly, the puppies are growing like weeds, and the kittens…….those poor little kittens. Some “savage” varmint came around late one night and did a very dirty deed to all but two. Where were all the dogs? I know we have plenty of cats, but these were just innocent little jerks. So, we’re keeping a very close eye on the ones that survived the attack. 033.jpg       This right here is our third set of twins this year. Awwww…..aren’t they cute little stinkers?! Then they grow up to be bossy bovines. I’m starting to think that there must be something in the water around here. Why else are we having so many twins? Maybe I should be on the safe side and drink only bottled water from now on. 079.jpg       We dragged out all the buckets from last year and did a lot of scrubbing. That is never a very pleasant job. We put it off until it absolutely needs to be done. We persevered and conquered. Yippee!     089.jpg      For some crazy reason I ended up with all red and yellow buckets. So, I made sure I put one of each by each calf hutch. The calves were watching, and they wanted me to make sure I didn’t put two of the same color side by side. Good grief! They get “bossy” at a very young age. Of course, I gave them what they wanted. I’m a pushover.   007.jpg           This little stinker is trying to tell me that I’m the best calf feeder ever. Haha Only because I give it everything it wants. A warm bed at night, fresh water, plenty of warm milk, and an occasional ear scratch. It did complain about noisy neighbors. I told it to hush and quit being so picky.        038.jpg        Then we have the puppies. So cute! They are a little over three weeks old. They’re just discovering that they have “a voice”. All that comes out is a cute little squeak and a lot of tail wagging. Thank goodness Candace is here to take care of all their needs. I’m running low on fuel. Yep, Sausage has now been fixed. No more hanky panky for him. Whew! What a relief! 016.jpg       That’s all folks…..for now anyway. There’s plenty more to come. We’re getting geared up for all that cold weather. Brrr……I am not ready for that. My blood is still thin from the summer heat. I wish it would stay warm just a tad bit longer. Where are all my heavy coats? What about those ten pound overalls? Stocking hats? We go through those like water. Not to mention gloves. I buy several pair and the next week they’re gone. Those will make great stocking stuffers……………….Carol