Ok, I’m back. The milkmaid/farm girl had to take a few days off to reconnect with my hometown. Back where it all started. Back where I picked up my farm girl habits. It’s in my blood and there’s no getting rid of it. It was great to see it all in action again…..the “great harvest”. All the sights and sounds brought back so many memories. Let’s take a quick look at what farming is like today……………..063.jpg     Here we are…..farm girls at heart. Candace had friends to meet up with and so I decided it was now or never. Let’s head back home. Ohio is where I come from. No, I don’t cheer for the “Buckeyes”. Shhh…..do not tell my brothers. They will disown me. 064.jpg       This is what it’s all about. Farmers are a whole different breed of people. We carry around a heavy burden all. the. time. We help feed the world you know. How stressful is that?! Besides that….Mother Nature is in charge, someone else decides what our product is worth, everything we do hinges on world markets, and sacrifice…..so much sacrifice. But oh…..what a beautiful life. 059.jpg       Just look at that beautiful corn. I grew up doing all this. The smell took me back about 25 years. I hadn’t experienced this for quite some time. This is where I learned how to drive tractor. How to haul corn to the elevator. How to live like a farmer. The only thing I didn’t learn how to do was milk a cow. I was in the dark on that one. Deception runs deep! Haha051.jpg       My Dad is still going strong….see him raise that arm?! All farmers have hand signals. I’ve learned a lot about that over the years. My brother is slowly taking over the operation. He was born a farmer….and he’s doing a fine job today. 031.jpg      Any time I head home……I always have to take a tour of all the barns. I can’t help myself. That’s what farm girls do. I like all the old time tractors. Still running after all these years. Sweet! I see a lot of  old, but also a lot of new tractors that I wish we had back in my day.  035.jpg      Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to run this tractor?! This wasn’t around when I was a teenager. Of course, my sisters and I would’ve fought like cats and dogs to be able to run this outfit. So, for the sake of peace…….my Dad waited until we were out of the house. I think. Maybe. 062.jpg     I rode in the combine for about an hour. I’m sure I drove the “farmer” crazy that was running it, but I was in “hog heaven”, so that was the least of my concerns. I think I could run that machine. Haha This is what they do…….drive along side the combine and unload and all the while still cutting corn. There’s no time to stop. Remember Mother Nature is in charge? Work while the weather cooperates. Day and night. Farm wives pack lunches or deliver. Whatever the farmer wants.  085.jpg     The future generation of the farm. Let me just say this……girls are some of the best “farmers” around. They can do just about anything. Why else am I milking cows?! We must persevere. It builds character. I thought I had enough character about 10 years ago….and I’m still building.  047.jpg     They have beautiful sunrises in Ohio too. Yes, you heard me……sunrise. I was up with the sun. My internal alarm clock just won’t shut-up. It’s maddening! It’s sweet though, because I can sit in Mom’s kitchen and sip coffee and not run out to the barn to milk a single cow. Yee-haw! I look at the temperature, stare out the window and watch it snow with a smile on my face. It’s the little things that make life beautiful……………………Carol

P. S. It did snow while I was there. No joke!