What in the world have I done now?! I have sweet potatoes running out of my ears. I was hoping for a bountiful harvest, but didn’t expect this much. Wow! Just in time for the holidays. Anyone in need of some homegrown sweet potatoes? This has never happened to me before. The harvest was great but the laborers were few…………..because I had to dig them all by myself.   024.jpg       Just look at all that goodness. I had to order these plants because I couldn’t find them local. Of course, they had a minimum order and so I thought “No problem” I can handle that. Well, I guess I learned my lesson. We’ll be eating sweet potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Farmers eat supper not dinner. I just wanted to clarify that. Haha006.jpg      We’ve had a few “cold” mornings and all the vines were dying, so I knew it was time to start digging. Everyone else was busy, or should I say….pretending to be busy. “If you want something done, do it yourself”…….so I grabbed my shovel and started the daunting task. It was like finding buried treasure. They were huge!012.jpg     I threw them onto the back of the gator and headed for the water hose. I gave them all a good bath to wash all the dirt and grime off. Hmmm…….now what? Where am I going to store these? We use this gator to feed the cows. The “dudes” are going to be mad when they see that I have it loaded down with potatoes. So, I threw them onto the back of the truck and decided they needed to dry for a day or two. Haha I’ll think of a solution later.008.jpg     I love sweet potato fries…..with the magic sauce. Sriracha and mayo mixed together. Holy cow! This is good eating. I’m thinking maybe a sweet potato pie, casserole, cakes, soup, etc. The list could go on forever.  My family is going to be my “guinea pig” trying out all these new recipes. They’re going to hate sweet potatoes by the time it’s all said and done……………………Carol