What a crazy world I live in! I couldn’t wait any longer. What with the time change and all…….it had to be done. Bring on the Christmas spirit! Let there be lights, and there were lights! I’m talking about lights for the milk barn. I know, I know……it sounds totally ridiculous, but what do you expect? I started this insane tradition years ago, and now I have no choice…it must go on. The cows insisted. Come along and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.    033.jpg     Yes, I sure did. I put lights up before Thanksgiving. It had to be done. It helps fight off the winter time blues. It gets dark so early and the lights help spread some much needed cheer. Don’t you think the cows look excited?!   016             Here’s the deal. My friend and I always go shopping the day after Christmas. We stock up on all the “must haves” for the next year. Everything is on sale and we make a haul. Of course, we swing by Starbucks for an energy drink. Haha So, that’s how I justify my “insane” light show…..sale prices! This is a small collection of my “goods” from last year. Wonder what else I’ll find in storage?022     Here I am…..call me crazy. That ladder has been my side kick for years. Yep, sometimes I even stand on the very top rung. Of course I scrape the lots before I get started. I don’t want to drag my sparkly lights through all that fresh cow poop. If I’m going to go to so much trouble to put them up…….they’re staying up until spring time. This is a matter of life or death. Cold weather and I are not best friends.    007          I put these icicle lights on the pipe fence along the exit lane. This is where the cows stand after they come out of the barn. I was a bit hesitant to put them on the fence. Cows love to destroy things. They’ll take their heads and rub everything to death….not to mention their sandpaper tongue. So far so good. Keep your fingers crossed.  011         Big girl is trying not to show any emotion. It’s not cool, you know. Trust me, deep down inside she’s lovin’ it. It’s relaxing and calms their nerves. Or maybe it’s my nerves that need to be calmed. Either way, it’s a done deal. I sure was excited. I’m wondering if maybe Santa will stop by this year. Now that would make the “bossy bovines” smile!   008     Alrighty….there you have it. We’re getting in the “mooooood” for Christmas. Get it?! This is the barn all lit up. Pop quiz…….is this in the morning or in the evening? The winner gets to come and help me milk the cows. I might throw in a free gallon of milk. Haha  I might start putting up the lights in the house too. Is it too early? I don’t want to by pass Thanksgiving. I want to be sure and show my gratitude…..but I also want to stay sane…………………..Carol