Ok, you remember all the “hay baling” we did this summer? All that hot, itchy work. Endless hours in the field…..on the tractor…..hauling hay all night long. So now, it’s time to feed it to the bossy bovines. This is another endless job. We have 4 different groups that need a constant supply of hay. I try to hide when “boss man” says it’s time to put out hay. I hate feeding hay. Especially on a windy day. Loose hay can find its way into all the teeny tiny openings of any clothing. It’ll slowly drive a person insane. Lets go feed some hay…………….  029.jpg      Big girl has a message for you….EAT MORE CHICKEN! She feels very strongly about this. It’s her “platform”. I’ve tried to tell her she needs to take a chill pill, but she’s a bit bossy. So, to keep her blood pressure down, I tell her Chick-fil-A is my favorite fast food…..the only fast food I like. That seems to satisfy her demands. Now you know why I call them “bossy bovines”?!   020.jpg     As soon as the “girls” hear Farmer Fred coming with the tractor…..they make a bee-line for the hay feeders. You have to work fast so as not to get trampled by the masses. They have no respect for humans. Here, he’s slicing the net wrap with his handy pocket knife. Pocket knives have to be extremely sharp. ( Farm girls carry pocket knives too haha ) Next you pull it off and wad it up and tuck it into the loader……see it?! Then you drop it on the burn pile when you get back up to the barns. We have net wrap running out of our ears……all the time.  023.jpg         Here they come….run for your life!! Earl has lots of hay feeding stories. Sometimes he’ll get squished between two big Mama’s and has to fight his way back out. Or better than that…..he turns around and Big Bubba (the bull) is standing right behind him. I tell him over and over not to “flirt with danger”. No worries….the bulls have gone on to a new home. Job well done.   024.jpg      The cows love to rub their heads deep into the hay bales. It’s a good scratching post. They can destroy a perfect bale in about 5 minutes flat. Have you ever felt a cows head?! Or worse…a kicking leg?! I’ve been on the receiving end of both. Not a good feeling. The cows and I have a love/hate relationship. Haha  027.jpg     They fight to get into the “inner circle”. It’s survival of the fittest. We have about 4 rings for this particular group. They all need a fair chance to eat, so it takes a lot of bale feeders.     034.jpg      This heifer is ticked off. She just got her hair done yesterday and now it’s getting all messed up in the wild Oklahoma wind. I tried to let her know that, “I feel her pain”. That’s why “farm girls” like to wear hats. Makes our life much easier.    031.jpg     Cow thoughts…..Mmmmm…..so tasty. Thanks girl, for putting in all those long hours of hard work. I’ll pass the word throughout the herd that everyone needs to pick up on their production as a “thank you” to the family.  My thoughts…..I wish it were that easy. Haha  026.jpg      The cows take big bites too. Cows have absolutely no manners. It’s a free for all. Get it while you can before it’s gone. If you take a stroll through the herd on a quiet evening you’ll hear lots of farting and belching. That’s a good sign….they’re feeling relaxed and comfortable. Does that apply to humans too? Just food for thought……………….Carol