Gratitude….what a heavy word. It’s a lot to think about. When living on a farm, “thankful” takes on a whole new meaning. Farm folks have a long list of “thankfuls” that most folks haven’t heard or seen. Things that “normal” folks don’t even know exist. Who are the “normal” folks anyway?! That’s the question of the day. Come along, And I’ll show you what we dairy people are thankful for.004.jpg        I’m thankful…….for views like this. Not everyone has access to this kind of scenery. I was on my way home from feeding calves, and the “big girls” were bored and looking for trouble. I gave them a stern warning, took their picture, and headed on home.   007.jpg      I’m thankful for…….puppies? Not sure about that. Haha This was the chaos going on in my laundry room Thanksgiving morning. The puppies get up before the chickens, and so they are a necessary tool for getting the kids out of bed. I’ve used little kittens too……throw them on top of the sleeping human, and “abracadabra”, they’re awake.   030.jpg        I’m thankful for…….my helpers. We couldn’t do it without them. Holiday or not……the chores need to be done. Candace is the “hunter”. She had just gotten back from the dangerous frontier. Haha Can you tell?   027.jpg      I’m thankful for…….weirdness. It helps keep my mood happy. When on a dairy farm, it is necessary to keep the humor coming. Sometimes that’s the only way to survive tough situations. Laughter is the best medicine!    028.jpg      I’m thankful for…….the dairy barn? What?! Some days….No! Other days….maybe. Some days I’m like a robot…..I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just doing. You might say I’ve become like a “cow”…..a creature of habit. I just exist. After 24 years, things like this are like second nature. This is where I spend a lot of hours…..long hours.   009.jpg      I’m thankful for…….brand new baby calves. Yes, it means more work for me, but that’s life on a dairy farm. It takes 9 months to get them here, so we want them alive. It’s a discouraging day when a newborn doesn’t survive. Such a long wait and then nothing to show for it. Yes, a brand new calf on Thanksgiving day……in fact, we had two.     015.jpg      I’m thankful for………another brand new calf. This mother seemed a bit crazy in the head, so I stayed on the four wheeler just in case. Sometimes they can get “whacko” right after they have a calf. Their hormones are totally messed up, and they’ll take on anything that gets a little too close. Sounds like I could be talking about myself…….but I’m referring to this big girl. Haha   012.jpg         I’m thankful for…….my row of calf hutches. Am I really? Here again, some days I’m not sure where I’m at or what I’m doing. I do love the peace and quiet of the “back forty”. It’s a great place to do some thinking and planning for the day.    039.jpg      I’m thankful for………evening sunsets on the prairie. What a beautiful sight to behold. I need to take time out to enjoy moments like these. Slow down and let the world fly by. Things can get a little crazy. I love the holiday season, I just wish I had more time to enjoy everything. Coming up next……A “dairy” good Thanksgiving……………….Carol