Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a week of feasting and family. We have friends and neighbors that are considered “family”. So, I’m going to bring you inside the crazy “family circle” of our holiday celebration. We always have a good time and have pretty much got the celebrating down to “art form”. From food to entertainment, it hardly ever disappoints.   021.jpg      Here we have some of the “offspring”. We’re missing a few, but this will give you an idea of what we’re dealing with. The boys definitely out number the girls, but that doesn’t mean the girls can’t hold their own. They can “scrap” their way to the top any day. 019.jpg       Is it really necessary to have “two” of everything?! Yes, it is! We wait for these holidays all year, let’s not get lean and mean. So, I had a turkey AND a ham smoked for our dinner. They were divine!023.jpg     Here’s the cold, hard facts. Our neighbor is the “smoker” man, and so I see no need for me to slave over the hot oven trying to brine and cook the meat myself. It’s so easy to just zip on over and pick up the meat…..smoked and ready to devour. Gene here, is a professional. He’s been doing this for years. There is no other way.    007.jpg     I put Michael and Earl to work carving the meat. They didn’t complain one bit. They thought it was important to “sample” and make sure it was ready for company. It passed the test. Haha   025.jpg            Let’s get this show on the road. Time to dig in. We do buffet style, because it’s easy. Kids at one table, adults at the other. Crazy but true….the adult table is always the loudest. Who’s to blame for that?! Oh, and we did “paper products” this year because we are getting lazy…..or smart?! You decide. 028.jpg       Entertainment and dessert all in the same shot. Pies and more pies. We didn’t need all that dessert, but it’s tradition. We all have our favorites. We don’t want to disappoint anyone.   031.jpg      My sister always brings the peanut butter pie. This is the favorite of the younger generation. It’s sinfully delicious. Hmmmm……looks like someone needs to lick that spoon.  030.jpg     Let’s not forget the date pudding. Dates!? Sounds like something only cranky, old people would eat…..but don’t judge until you try it. Layers of cake, pudding, whipped topping, and bananas. Another tradition.   027.jpg       Oh my goodness!! What have we here?! Amish? Yep! My sister dressed up in some Amish clothes and modeled for us. We just about fell off our chairs laughing. Now doesn’t she look so sweet and beautiful?! She is going to kill me. Hahaha We both still have a little bit of that Amish blood running through our veins. Scary!   014.jpg       Here we are back to normal again. Whatever normal is?! Either way, we had a fabulous day. Lots of laughs, gobs of food, and wonderful friends and family. Until next time………………….Carol