Well, gardening season is pretty much over. No more sitting on the porch and sipping ice tea. Now it’s sipping hot chocolate. Or eggnog? Whatever it may be, I’m missing my patio already. I am not a fan of cold weather. Dark, depressing winter days. They make me cranky, and a bit sassy. So, to lift my spirits…..I decided to make my back porch a little corner of cheer. It’ll be too cold to sit outside, but I can always walk through it on my to the barn. Then again on my way back to the warm, cozy house. Come along, and I’ll serve you some hot chocolate while I tell you all about it………………058.jpg       I spent days thinking about this, and then I finally got a few spare hours to actually put my idea to work. Seems like every hour of every day is consumed with cows, calves, and cow poop. Some days I’m about to lose my mind. So you see, this “porch” was a very important project. It heals my heart and soul. I’m already sleeping better at night. Haha 013.jpg       Around this time of year I’m always keeping my eye out for nice greens, red berries, etc. Anything I can get my hands on to “whack” and carry home to use for decoration. Aaaah…..look at those beautiful berries! The trailer is loaded down with greens from along the fence row. It smells so wonderful. Almost makes me forget about all my “dirty farm work”. It’s hard work, but worth it.   017.jpg       This was my only helper for the project. What a cutie. We’re keeping this one for ourselves. Like we need another dog. Four and counting. Or is it five? Whatever it is, I’m putting dog food on my Christmas list. Holy Moly! Can they eat!     070.jpg      Yes, I have a concrete cow. Cows can drive a person “mad”, but I still love to use them in my decorations. Inside and out. I am a very complex person. Haha The kids gave this one to me as a gift. I have full intentions of painting her someday. The same pattern as our favorite cow Shooter that passed almost a year ago. I still miss her. I haven’t found any other cow that can replace her. I never will. The little boots……the kids all took turns wearing them, and then those sorry dogs chewed them up. Grrrr…….   037.jpg       Have a seat and rock for awhile. Too bad it’s chilly and windy. I had everything nice and organized and then the wild Oklahoma wind came and blew everything all over the place. So, I stomped my feet and fastened everything down as much as I could. Farm girls can be pretty determined. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.   044.jpg     I always store this in the hay barn, but not this year……I need it for my sanity. Besides, when springtime arrives, gardening takes a back seat. It’s all about chopping feed and doing field work. Springtime is crazy around here. Cows rule….or so they think.   041.jpg      Another little cozy corner. I might be able to sip my coffee here if the weather isn’t insanely cold. On the other hand, it looks cute and that’s what it’s all about. Wonder how long the cheery tablecloth will last with an ornery puppy on the loose?!   052.jpg        I did sit for a spell. Not for long though, the cows were waiting on me. They can be so bossy. I’m wearing my tattered chore clothes. Probably got caught on a cattle panel. That’s what happens when you milk cows for a living. It’s a hard workin’ life. The puppy sure is cute, though.   055.jpg     I did do a little decorating on the front porch. Nobody uses the front door, they always come to the back door. I still had to make it look cozy, it’s the rules. I love my cow bells. They are the doorbell.   054.jpg     Just so you know…..if we get snow the sleds disappear. The kids jerk the ice skates off and head for the hill. We haven’t had snow in awhile, and Marshall is hoping for some good sledding this winter. Lord have mercy! What is he thinking?! Snow and dairy farming do not mix well. It’s beautiful and dreadful all at the same time.  Help me if it snows!  027.jpg     That’s it for the back porch. Hope you enjoyed your “hot chocolate”. Haha I’m practicing for Santa here. Do you think he’ll enjoy these if I have some ready for him? Will he even have time to visit a dairy farm? I better send him a letter……….Carol