‘Tis the season……for the perfect tree. Which really isn’t perfect at all. We just like to think that it is, because it requires so much time and energy to finally get the dumb thing up. First on the list, go find one. I always put up a live tree because they smell so good and there’s no storage required. I throw it on the burn pile or in the pond after Christmas. Ta-da….simple! I started this tradition years ago, and now it’s sealed in concrete.   051.jpg      This year I had some help with all my “tree needs”. Last year was a total nightmare. I think I finally got the tree up about 2 days before Christmas. It fell over, water went all over the floor, Earl freaked out thinking that there were intruders, I was banging my head against the wall………………. So, you see the importance of having Candace here to keep things stable for me. We did a little “pit” stop while out shopping for our “perfect” tree. Come to Mama!   044.jpg      So, we headed deep into the forest with the chainsaw and our heavy boots on. It was going to be like the “Griswold Family Christmas”. Haha One of my favorite movies. It makes me laugh and that is very important. As you can see we got a little sidetracked. This seemed like the smart thing to do. We were pressed for time, you know. I’m not picking my nose….I’m thinking which tree is the “perfect” one.  047.jpg     Candace was being silly……again. Throwing dead pine needles everywhere. Farm girls find laughter in all the silly things. We have to if we want to stay alive. So many trees to choose from. How will we ever decide?!   033.jpg     We finally found one that we liked and hauled it home. Here you go…..the perfect tree. It’s up and decorated before Christmas Eve. I’m keeping it watered and it hasn’t fallen over one time. It’s nothing fancy like you see in magazines, but who needs that?! We’re country folks…..we don’t do fancy.    031.jpg         I always like to have a train underneath the tree for nostalgia’s sake. Seems like the right thing to do. It fits the rest of the “décor” around the house. Why not? We all need a “Polar Express”. Right?! Another favorite Christmas movie. Not to mention….It’s A Wonderful Life. That’s the all time favorite. Wait, I think they’re all my favorite. I can’t decide…………….Carol