I have another tradition I want to share today. This is all about “Poinsettias”! I love them! So bright and beautiful…..and just in time for the holidays, but there’s a catch. What happens with them after the holidays?! I consider myself a die-hard gardener, but I just haven’t mastered the “poinsettia”. So, I’ll go ahead and make my confession right up front. I keep them alive until after New Years Day and then they all get thrown into the dumpster. Yep, I sure do, and I have no guilt about it either. Let me explain……………    041.jpg      I can’t go all winter without real live plants, so I stock up on these beauties. White is second runner up to the red one. This is the way to go when you need fast decorations. Set these all around the house and you’ve got “festive” everywhere. It takes me weeks to get my decorations up and then another couple of weeks to get the storage boxes put away. Now you understand why my decorations stay up until February. Except for the tree….it gets thrown out in January.    040               I try to incorporate them with my other decorations. Keeping them watered is key…..and that’s not an easy task for me. Now I’ve got the tree, and all the poinsettias, besides all my regular chores of cows, calves, cats and dogs. I bring this all on myself and I don’t know why I do it. Maybe because I’ve got Mad Cow?! There is no reason for anything. Just crazy!     036              I like the cute little weenie ones too. They can fit in anywhere. I don’t buy these all in one trip. Oh no, I could never do that. First of all, they wouldn’t fit into my cart, and second, I don’t want to cause a scene. It’s bad enough when I’m trying to pick them out. Pick one up….turn it around….put it back down….pick up another one….turn it around….put it back down. Get the idea? This happens about 50 times before I make up my mind. I hope no one is watching.     043               I like to pick the ones with lots of buds. Nice leaves, and perfect color. Picky! Picky! Just a friendly reminder to drink more milk. Haha 045.jpg            I have to be careful where I set them. It’s a terrible thing if I block someone’s view of the T.V. Have you ever stood in front of the screen when an important play is about to happen?! Can you hear the screams and crying?! Oh yes! That’s my house. Haha There’s all kinds of ways to get their attention.     044        Ok, there you have it. I like to keep things as real as possible with my decorations. I’m not an expert on indoor plants. I do much better with outdoor gardening. I really have no desire to try and keep these poinsettias for another year. I don’t have the time or the patience. Water then dry, light then darkness. It just sounds so complicated. Throwing them in the dumpster sounds so cold-hearted, but so simple. I need simple. So, for now…………..they will go into the dumpster after the holidays………………….Carol