Well, we finally left the farm long enough to go see our annual Christmas light show. Seems like every year it gets harder and harder to squeeze it into our schedule. Not that we are big socialites or anything like that. We really don’t have a life. The bossy bovines make sure of that. They’re dropping calves every day and I’m about to go crazy. Should I laugh or cry or scream?! I can’t decide. Who cares, let’s go see some Christmas lights. Enough with the bovines already!  077.jpg      Well would you look at this. Boss Man is out of the car and enjoying the lights. This hasn’t happened in years. He usually stays in the car and takes a nap while the kids and I walk through the park. What a party pooper. I look forward to this every year and think it’s great fun. I need “twinkling lights” in my life…..and a little make believe too. Makes Christmas fun.  100.jpg      We planned our event with our best friends. They understand the “dairy” thing. That’s why we get along. It takes a special breed of people to know what we do every day and still want to hang out with us. We have a rough schedule, but they come anyway. Friends like that are few and far between. Just look at all those lights. 058.jpg      Three farm kids and the “American flag”. I love the flag and I love my farm kids. Say “cheese”. I don’t see any muck boots or dirty chore clothes. They clean up pretty nice.  064.jpg      Aaaahhhhh…….yes. The tunnel of lights. One of my favorites. They always have music playing and it makes everything seem so festive. For just a little while all the stress and worry goes away and you feel like singing and dancing. And then you remember that you’re not as agile as you used to be, and that you have a bunch of bossy bovines waiting for you at home. Reality smacks you right in the face. It was great while it lasted, though. It is beautiful, isn’t it?! Lovers lane?    083.jpg        Checking out the wishing well. I think we all made a wish. Does it still come true if you say it out loud? Oh well, it’s make believe…….wish big! You never know.   084.jpg     The lights were just crazy beautiful! I especially like the ones dangling from the trees. Too bad I don’t live close by……I would visit weekly. I thought we had done a fairly decent job with our lights on the farm…….until I saw this show. Then my confidence level plummeted and I felt like a total “light loser”. Haha Just remember…..you put them up, you gotta take them back down again. Makes me feel better already.   096.jpg        We almost missed the “cow”. Of course, we had to stop and take a photo. Silly bovines……they follow us everywhere we go. Leave us alone….just for a few hours!    061.jpg              The other “farm” kids. They don’t actually live on a farm, but they know all about that farm stuff. Crazy kids! I love the sign…….and I love the thumbs up.   090      Well, that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed the show. Come back again next year. Now, let’s go drink some hot chocolate and eat some more of those delicious Christmas cookies……………………..Carol