Merry Christmas from the Troyer Dairy! We’ve been busy, busy here on the farm. So much to do, so little time. That’s what cold weather does to a dairy farmer…..and the milkmaid. Not to mention all the baking and shopping. Wintertime can be a heavy burden to bear when there are “bovines” in your life, so I decided it was time to bring a little make believe and cheer to our farm. I wrote a lovely letter to the man himself…….Santa. A simple request to pay us a friendly visit here on the farm. Believe it or not………………   058.jpg        Never underestimate the power of a milkmaid! We have connections….believe it or not! Would you look at this. He read my letter and “Ta Da”……here he is. The big man himself. We had just started the evening chores when we heard some commotion outside on the roof. We ran outside and what to our surprise……..so I took a ton of pictures to prove to everyone that I wasn’t losing my mind.   049.jpg      Santa admitted that he had never been inside a milk barn before, but he wasn’t one bit scared. He marched right on in and made himself at home. I was scared to death that the cows were going to “explode” and dirty up his beautiful clean suit. I was sure that Mrs. Claus was going to have a total meltdown if anything got on it. I wanted to keep my record clean for a chance at some presents. Just trying to cover all my bases.  059.jpg      Marshall did his best to convince him that he had been a good boy all year. I don’t know if he bought it. He sure asked Marshall a lot of questions. Haha Look at that innocent sweet smile that Marshall is using on him! Will he see through that “façade”?   063.jpg      The dogs were super excited. They couldn’t wait to “pee” all over the sleigh. Then the reindeer……Oh my goodness! They about flipped when they saw all the farm dogs barking and causing a huge commotion. We quickly put some cow feed in front of them and pulled all the dogs into the barn away from those big, scary flying reindeer. Just look….so shamelessly begging for treats.   067.jpg          Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What is going on here?! Don’t tell me that “Boss Man” is trying to sweet talk Santa?! Something like…….I’ve been a “good boy” all year long. Surely Santa knows better than to believe that kind of “hog wash”?! Maybe I should pull Santa aside and have a little word with him?! Maybe I better get my story straight…..I think I’ve been a good girl…..most of the time. Wonder if he’ll believe me?    074.jpg       I had prepared some wonderful treats to give to Santa. I wanted to make sure I made a good impression, you know. There’s a lot on the line. He seemed to be very happy with them. I handed him a really long straw and told him to help himself to the “bulk tank” behind him there. It’s full of milk. Slurp up all you want…..no one else will ever be allowed to do that. Only Santa!   079.jpg      Yes, he gave us some of his signature fruitcake/bread. It was very interesting. Not your ordinary fruitcake. This was straight from the North Pole. It smelled like it too. Whew! What a wicked smell! Haha It’s the thought that counts.   080.jpg     There it is…..to the Troyer Family. We sure had a good time, and the cows gave extra milk that night. I think maybe this is going to be a yearly tradition. So there it is…….real or make believe? You decide…………………….Carol