Today is not your typical day on the dairy. Today we’re going to do a little “rock and roll”. No, I’m not talking about music….we’re going to rock and roll some hay bales. In my 24 years on the dairy, I have seen it all. Remember all those hay bales we hauled day and night?! Yes, they are now being put to good use. The weather is not being very considerate of cows……not to mention the milkmaid. Come along and let me show you what’s happening……………….  014.jpg     Here we go. Earl hauls two bales to the top of the hill, while Michael rides along with the four wheeler to pull all the net wrap off. Let me just say this….it’s not an easy job cutting all the wrap off. I’ve done my share and it’s maddening. Especially when it’s windy. The last time I helped I said “never again”. I know not to ever say “never” because it always comes back to haunt you. So, with that being said, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to take my turn again.  017.jpg      Michael does such a great job. He’s like a machine. Strong, fast, and loves his work. This is where those pocket knives come in handy. They need to be real sharp to get any of this work done. Which reminds me…..my knife needs to be sharpened.   019.jpg     Now, we’re finally ready to rock and roll. This can be done with the tractor, but the boys like to try their hand at pushing the bale down the hill with only man power.  It doesn’t always happen. We have some pretty big rocks up there that refuse to budge.  Today was a lucky day……….better get outta the way “bossy”.   020.jpg     Yee haw!! We did it! There she goes. It slowly rolls down the hill, and unravels all those layers of hay/bedding. These are some of those “rough” bales we put up to be used for the cows to lay on when the freezing north wind starts howling. We sleep better at night knowing that we did all we could to keep the bovines comfy.   022.jpg       Sometimes we process it and distribute it that way. Today is not that day. Rolling is easier and besides, the dogs like to help. They have to sniff everything to make sure nothing is hiding in the hay. Hmmm……what will they find today?!   033.jpg     Well, well, well…look what we found. A big, ugly black snake. Thank goodness it was dead. I hate snakes. Looks like it was dried and cured to perfection. Jerky anyone?  029.jpg     It’s like rolling out the red carpet for the bovines. As soon as they see their bedding, they come “plop”
down and get nice and comfy for a long afternoon nap.   038.jpg      All tucked in nice and tight. They definitely know what to do. They’re all facing the same direction, all chewing their cud, and all in their “happy place”. Everyone has a “happy place”….right?   011.jpg     Good work, son. Lay down and take a little rest before you move on to the next project. Looks like a pretty soft bed…..for a little while. I think I’ll head on in to the house for my nap now. Somewhere nice and cozy. I’m freezing…………………………Carol