So, when you live on a dairy farm there are a lot of jobs that are not very pleasant. Especially in the winter time. Bedding down calves is a real “thorn in the flesh” for all of us. This time around we waited until the boys were home from school to give us a hand. It’s just too much for Boss Man and I to do alone. With so many calves, it’s like you never see a light at the end of the tunnel. Another reason why I can’t wait for spring. Weaning all those calves and getting them “out of my hair”. I’ll feel like a bird that’s been released from its cage.      280.jpg       Which one of the boys is this?! It was a very cold day when we did this job. One good thing about it……when you’re handling a pitchfork it does keep the blood flow going. You’re body stays pretty warm. In fact…..you might even break a sweat.      289.jpg       Michael is the “work horse” when it comes to jobs like this. He can sure get things done. We depend heavily on his help. Young and full of strength……remember those days?! Oh to be young again.    290.jpg      Earl takes the loader tractor and spreads the hay around for us so it’s easier to pick apart with the pitchfork. That “pitchforking” ain’t for sissies. That’s all I can say. I have to take a few breaks during the whole process. Remember….we’re wearing about 50 pounds of heavy winter clothes too. It’s a burdensome job!    298.jpg     Here we have all of the “dudes” working away. I’m the wimpy one so I’m allowed to stop and take a few pictures. If Marshall stops……Michael is quick to go on the attack. Haha I just let them argue it out……it gets quite comical.  There’s always the argument on who is doing the most work. I’ll finally step in and inform them that I’ve been doing this for 24 years and I’ve got them all beat. Take that!    302.jpg      Little Dixie was in the tractor watching. I didn’t want her to get run over. She hasn’t quite learned all the “farm dangers” we have around here. Like big tractor tires. We’re finally ready to wrap things up and go home. Time for some lunch and to warm up.    241.jpg       There you have it…..all nice and fluffy. Is there really a light at the end of the tunnel?! Is the warm weather just around the corner?! I’m keeping my eyes out for the first “robin” sighting. That always calms my heart and soul. The first signs of spring……..life after death as I like to call it………………………Carol