Alrighty, so January is almost gone. And I say good riddance! It’s been a rough start to the new year for me. This was also the month for our annual “tea party” at church….one of my favorite events to attend. I get to eat good food…wear clean “town” clothes…put on makeup and fix my hair for the first time in weeks. Cows have absolutely no appreciation for any of those things. Come along and I’ll show you what a “country style” tea party is like…..     339.jpg        Here’s how it works. We have volunteers come and decorate the “centerpiece” for each table. There are no rules….what ever “vibes” you’re feeling at the moment. It can be Christmas….Winter….Plain and Simple….Valentine….as was done here. Each year is always a little different but always beautiful. Everyone votes on their favorite and the winner gets a little gift bag of goodies. I’ll take you through and show you each theme we had. I love this one…..it was a winner.   337.jpg      We always come up short on volunteers, so usually the committee has to throw something together last minute. I think this is pretty….its got sparkle and shine. Who doesn’t need that in January?! And just look how easy it was to put together. It doesn’t take “rocket science, just a little bit of time.    311.jpg       This is one of mine. I was told I had to do one table. Then it was two tables. So I pondered and schemed….I thought each one out and when I went to put them together…..it looked hideous! So, I had to go to plan Z. By then I was to the point of no return. I wasn’t “in it to win it”, just get something put on the table! This was the “thrown together” look for one table. Let’s move on to my next table……..         313Here’s the other table I did. Not the original plan, but better than nuthin’. I still had my decorations up from Christmas and so I just walked through the house picking and choosing. Not bad for throwing it together last minute, right?! Please say yes! Haha  This sign has meaning behind it…..I love that movie and it’s a gentle reminder to appreciate life.    328.jpg      Another Valentine themed table. Great minds must think alike. Two different “girls” went for that theme. Both kind, smart and funny. I watch and learn from both of them.    331      A winter theme this time. Snowmen are always popular. I wish I could walk you around the table…..it was different from every angle. Very cute and cuddly. The same talented lady that did this table also did another one. So, I wasn’t the only one that did more than one. Let’s check out her second table.     321       Isn’t this cute?! Is this what Earl and I will do when we’re about 85 years old? Sledding down the hill? Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold! But wait there’s more….she went into so much detail.   320.jpg     She went ahead and made placemats for each setting. Very time consuming and so creative. I need to hijack her brain for a while. This was also a winner.     308.jpg      Another winner. Where do they come up with all their creative ideas?! I sat at this table because she had yummy little table favors to take home. Guess what? The boys ate my favors before I could have any of them. Ticked me off. Oh well….I got a night off and that was very important for my mental state of mind. Haha    360.jpg     Here’s a picture of the finished product. Fresh flowers….just what I needed. Little teapots….calming effect. Lovely!   361.jpg     My table favor that I carried home for me, myself and I. It was for my coffee break the next day……     345.jpg          Now for the food……always delicious! I just wish I could’ve eaten more. I want to taste everything but I always fill up way too fast. Maybe I’ll start taking a “to go” plate home with me. Do you think anyone would mind?    358.jpg     This was my first trip through the line…..I went for a second trip. So many choices. So much goodness. I was stuffed.      333.jpg              We also had a dessert table….lots of goodness there too. I made these chocolate brownies. These are one of my favorites. The rules don’t apply for “farm girls” when it comes to how much chocolate we consume. Amen!    334.jpg    If you’ve been with me awhile…..you know I love lemon. So, I made these too. Another favorite of mine. I grew up eating lemon bars. These come with a lot of precious memories.  We had more, but I forgot to take a picture of the dessert table.  362.jpg    These were the fabulous girls I worked with. No one in particular was in charge….we just put our heads together and “poof”, we have a party. Evie is on the left…Becky is in the middle…she was a table winner…and I am on the right. Chalk it off to another very successful tea party for our “girls”………………Carol