Last week was another busy week on the farm. It was high time to do some major clean-up. I guess you could call it “spring cleaning”…….only I’m not talking about house work. The cleaning I’m talking about is extremely dirty, smelly, and very rich in nutrients. What else could it be but…..lagoon slurry. It took three days to get everything cleaned up. Come along and I’ll show you how to empty a lagoon and spread some fertilizer.     036.jpg        Now doesn’t that look like fun?! You definitely want to keep your distance when driving along side this rig. This is the real deal! Straight from the lagoon. The lagoon is where all the “liquid cow poop” drains into, while the solids stay up on the cement slab. Those need to be hauled off with a totally different spreader. Who knew “cow poop” could be so complicated?!   029.jpg      This is the lagoon. What a lovely swimming hole……not! It is full of “snappers” that would love to eat you for lunch. Anyway, as I worked my job I studied this lagoon. Would I jump in and swim to the other side? How much money would it take? Would I ever get the smell off of me? All very thought provoking questions. It’s a tough one….I’m still sleeping on it.   037.jpg      So, when I say that I stirred it around……this is what I used. We put this machine into the lagoon and it runs off of the PTO of the tractor and whips everything into a stir crazy mess. As soon as I see Earl coming I switch gears and get ready to fill the tanker so he can go spread it on the pasture. This stuff will grow some beautiful green grass.   030.jpg      Earl will back up right underneath the pipe and “watch it go”. The first day the wind was out of the South….next it was blowing out of the North. So, it’s bound to get a little messy. Haha  Don’t panic…..everything gets a “high pressure washer bath” when all is said and done. I know it looks disgusting, but I’ve been covered from head to toe with cow poop. You just wipe it off and keep on going.   031.jpg         Our goal was to keep things from getting too messy. What a joke! By the third day it was total chaos. I was busy stirring….couldn’t figure out where my pressure was….finally looked up and here it was flying out the other end….and the tanker was NOT there catching it. My first thought was….I am dead!! Earl is going to have a total meltdown when he sees the mess I just made. He actually took it quite well. I didn’t get fired…..although I’ve tried many a time. Haha We just wanted to get this horrible job done. This picture is before the “mess up” happened. It got much worse.    063.jpg        So there you go. That’s how we empty the lagoon. The crazy milkmaid has the stir and fill job while the Boss Man unloads and does all the clean up. Then it’s back to the barn……the cows are waiting. If only the cold weather would release its grip. I’m totally fed up with working in the freezing temperatures. I’m a cranky ole’ bat and just hangin’ on for nice warm weather. I can’t wait to put all those heavy coats and overalls into storage again……………………Carol