Holy Cow can it rain! It rained all week long. Now, here’s the thing about Oklahoma. A person wants to be careful when it comes to complaining about the rain. If Mother Nature hears you….she may very well “shut your water off” for the rest of the year. I’ve lived through a drought……it isn’t pleasant. So, I don’t want to be a “whiner butt”…I’m just going to explain what happens on a farm when it’s super muddy.  024.jpg      These calves are so happy that it finally quit raining. They are from the batch that were recently weaned. We kept a close eye on them, but they seemed to be pretty resilient throughout the whole ordeal. Other than getting muddy and soaking wet…..they kept their appetite going strong. Looks like we got a little “sass” going on.   021.jpg     This is what my calf feeding area looked like last week. So depressing. I just wanted to hang my head and cry! Scream! Throw a temper tantrum! Alas, that wasn’t going to fix my situation, so we waded through the muck and the mire every morning and every night. The calves needed a dry place to sleep, hot milk to drink and plenty of feed to munch on.   035.jpg       It doesn’t take long for the pastures to turn into a total nightmare. This is our pathway to get to the back forty. We tried to take a detour, but the detour was saturated too. So, we put it into 4-wheel drive and hoped and prayed we wouldn’t get stuck. It was usually raining cats and dogs when it was time to go feed. We put on our ponchos, but try working in one of them and not get tangled up in it. That’s enough to make anyone’s blood pressure rise.  036.jpg       It looks like a bomb exploded up on our hill. All you need is a herd of cattle to go marching through and you’ve got a real mess. Every time we put out dry bedding, it started raining again. The bedding bales had a thin layer of ice on the net wrap and that in itself was a total nightmare. I stomped my feet and marched off yelling…I quit! Just kidding! We went for the hay barn and got dry bales.  Thank goodness for hay barns.  037.jpg      When I finally got inside each night, I would light my little candle. I also brought my lovely daffodils inside so they wouldn’t be out in the cold rain. They helped lift my spirits. It’s amazing what a soothing effect a little candle and flowers can have on your mood. The rain has ended for now……the mud is slowly drying up. Slowly, I say. I am exhausted, but with every day of sunshine I can feel the life slowly seeping back into my heart and soul. We survived the wicked weather. Things are looking up…………………Carol