Hello from the dairy farm. Now, let me ask you a question. Is it fair to have the bossy bovines get pedicures more often than the milkmaid? I didn’t think so either but that’s the way things roll around here. Cows get sore feet just like humans. So, every once in awhile we have to have the foot doctor come on out and take a look. He’s a very busy man, but last week was finally our turn.    002     This is the “hoof trimmer”…..the best in the West. Let me explain what happens. This chute is run by hydraulics. They run the cow into the chute while it’s upright and then lay it over and the belts lift her and  lay her down nice and easy. Of course you must tie her feet down or else you’ll get your teeth bashed in. They don’t like anyone messing around with their sore feet. Imagine going to the doctor for an ingrown toenail…..and did you enjoy having the doctor poking around on it asking you if it hurts? You want to scream and punch his lights out. That’s exactly what a cow is thinking.    005.jpg       So this is what it looks like afterwards. During the morning milking we mark all the cows that have sore feet or that need a trim. Here we used a red marker. Once we’re finished milking, we have to sort all the bad from the good. Sorting cows is an art in itself. It can “make or break” you. In this picture the left foot is fixed and on the road to recovery. She either had an abscess, foot wart, or some form of foot rot. So, he takes the bad stuff out, medicates the sore spot and hot glues a “block” on the healthy side of her foot. That way she can’t put pressure on the bad side and it’ll have time to heal. He then wraps it up and she’s good to go. They’ll be walking like a brand new cow within a day of having it fixed. Who would’ve guessed that a cows feet could get so much attention?!     045.jpg          We had a lot of cows that needed help. They wait patiently for their turn. Notice the dogs….they think this is great fun. Who doesn’t like to chew on toenails?! Haha I also fix the same lunch for the hoof trimmer as I do for the veterinarian and his crew. We are all becoming creatures of habit….just like the cows. Too many years of “cattle working” I suppose. Well, there you have it…..fancy feet for the cows. I think I’ll go paint my toenails….just because………………Carol