Well, I’m still learning. Yesterday I published what I thought was my story, but today I realized that something had gone wrong. Somewhere between the laptop and the desktop it went crazy. So, here’s my newest version. If you read this yesterday….forget about it….it’s basically the same thing. If it happens again….too bad. I’m movin’ on.

      Is it safe to say that spring has arrived? It was pretty cold this morning, but it warms up nice during the day. The cows are finally grazing wheat grass. It’s such a beautiful sight to behold.    001             Ahhh…..just look at that lush, green grass. We’ve been waiting on this all winter. The cows are in “hog heaven” with all this fresh feed. They’re inclined to think that they should be allowed to graze however long they want to. Too bad…..that’s not the case with wheat grass. Only an hour a day. Any more than that and they get real sassy.  Plus they get the “scoots”, and that can be real dangerous when they come in for their evening milking. It’s red alert at all times!   028       This is also our next crop of feed. Next month we’ll pull the cows off and let it get some good growth right before we start mowing it down. We make it into wheat silage. It’s some of the best feed for cows….they love it and their milk production is fantastic. April is a very busy month. We usually have only a small window of opportunity because of “spring showers”. So, you can imagine the stress…..we want perfect feed, but we’re also working with Mother Nature. Nothing is for certain.    019        I love this…..wearing short sleeves to milk in. Where are the heavy overalls? We’re still wearing them, but we have days when the boys think it’s “hot”. I haven’t put any heavy chore clothes into storage yet. It’s a little early for that. I am thinking of having a “burning ceremony” for all winter chore clothes. What a rebellious thought! Maybe that would help erase some of the “wicked weather” memories. Or not……………………..Carol