It’s time for some more “calf talk. Just a little update on what’s happening with all the cute little “jerks”.  All of my calves are born with their own personality. Some are shy…aggressive…frail…or stocky…just like human babies. So, let me introduce you to a few of our latest ones……       008.jpg           Our little cross-breeds are always stocky and stout. They’re aggressive and hardly ever get sick. Very easy to take care of. This little stinker is very friendly and is always making faces when we drive by. We call it….trying to get attention. So of course we give them a good ear scratch. Who doesn’t like a head rub?    009.jpg       If this doesn’t get your attention……what will? We were never allowed to stick our tongues out when I was a kiddo…..I’m going soft in my old age. Calves love to lick and eat anything that comes along. I should invent a “calf pacifier”….those things were a life saver for me when I was having babies.     010.jpg     Unlike humans, baby calves have teeth. And they are very sharp. Trust me, I know. I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way. They’ll bite your fingers if you’re not careful. Those poor Mama cows….they must be tough. A nursing calf with sharp teeth. Ouch! Cows are tough as nails.    013.jpg      And then we have this little stinker pie. She was born on the coldest day of the year. We grabbed her right away and tucked her into a warm and cozy “condo”, but apparently we weren’t quick enough. The freezing temperatures left it’s mark. Her cute little ears got “nipped”. That sorry cold weather. Makes me cringe just thinking about it.     014.jpg     She’s just fine. I’ve been watching her little ears, and the tips finally fell off last week. So now she just has “pint size” ears instead of those big floppy ones. We’re currently milking a big Mama that has weenie ears. I still remember it happening to her years ago. So many wicked winters…..so many bad memories.     025.jpg     This one was just born last week. I know exactly what it’s thinking……”Don’t you dare make me snort vaccine up my nostrils. I promise I will blow it right back out and shake my head in total disgust. Leave me alone or my Mama is going to “ka-pow” on you. Amen!”    023.jpg      This one saw me coming. I could read it’s mind…..”You take one more step towards me and I’m going to take off with lightening speed. You will never catch me. My Mama is going to hide me and you’ll never find me again.” I see rebellion all over that face.    016.jpg     That’s my calf situation as of now. It changes every week….every day….every hour. Sometimes one, two, or three a day. My line is a little shorter than it was….isn’t it? I think so, but then again….it looks like a long ways down to the end. My light at the end of the tunnel is faint….even flickering…………………..Carol