Spring Break is officially over. We didn’t get to go on a tropical vacation, but we did have the boys home from school and that “kinda” gave me a vacation. It’s always nice to have them home to help with all the farm work. Lightens my load just a little. So “Back to the Grind” doesn’t really apply. The grind goes on 24/7…….but you get the idea. Right?!    065     The attitude was heavy on Monday morning. Back to school for the boys and back to just “me and the farmer” for morning chores. Attitude ran throughout the whole herd…..all the way to the milkmaid. Just look at that face!  It’s best to just let it run its course. Tomorrow is another day.    047.jpg      Such good help. I can relax just a bit when Michael’s in the barn. He can do it all. I’m thinking that I should’ve had at least 5 more boys. I wouldn’t even have to go out to the barn….only to get some fresh milk. Haha      052.jpg      Marshall is the “reluctant” chore boy. He doesn’t mind the outside chores, but the actual milking part…..nope. He silently slips out of the barn and disappears. Only to have Mama step outside and “holler” loud and clear. When I start counting to 10 he suddenly comes alive. He spent spring break taking pony rides. The dogs thought it was great fun. Haha     050     Of course Dixie  had a blast. She is spoiled rotten. Being the smallest has its perks…..like riding on the front of the 4-wheeler. She thinks she’s really flying high. Feeding calves is her high light of every day. Morning and evening. She loves dog sushi. (calf poop) Shhhhh…..do NOT tell Candace. She’ll get irate that we allow such disgusting behavior.     024.jpg          We also celebrated Earl’s birthday over spring break. His favorite cake……white with whipped icing. The cake lasted approximately 24 hours….if that. Farm boys have “humongous” appetites. Once they leave home I will have to take therapy on how to down size everything. Food, laundry, clothes, chore boots, etc. I don’t want them to leave……..      046.jpg      So, with the birthday cake came a “blue mouth”. He showed up in the barn one morning and I immediately “smelled a rat”. One look and I knew exactly what had happened. Guilt written all over his mouth!    041.jpg         So there you have it…..Back to the Grind. Can’t wait for school to be out. Warm weather, boys home all day, lots of gardening. Oh yea! I did some renovating in the flowerbeds too. Maybe I’ll share that next……………….Carol