Every farm has a junk pile. Amen! Some may be hidden from view. Others may be in plain sight. Then again…you might find some in the “back forty” dumped on a pile in a low spot. It’s inevitable. What are we supposed to do with all the “scrap metal” that you might use in the next 50 years?! You dare not get rid of it…it might be valuable someday. Then again…the price for scrap iron might go up and we could haul it off and make 30 bucks or so. Or worse…the farmers wife might decide to use it in her garden.    062.jpg        I’m talking about rusty old stock tanks. These are the best when it comes to early spring gardening. My big garden is saturated. Spring is sorta like our “monsoon” season. So these tanks “fit the bill” for all the cool weather greens. Here’s my spearmint tea. Aaaahhhh……it smells wonderful. It stays contained in this tank, otherwise it spreads like wildfire.     060.jpg       Here’s the “big granddaddy”. I planted strawberries in here last summer. I can’t believe they survived our wicked winter. Just look….a nice little patch. The netting is to keep the chickens out. I’m at war with the critters. So, my next project is building a chicken pen ASAP. I can’t function if they scratch around in my flowerbeds. Don’t they realize that my gardening is my life?! Flowers are much more important than chickens. End of story!     061.jpg       I have 5 or 6 tanks in the back yard. I planted lettuce, radishes, spinach, kale, and green onions. I tried potatoes in one as an experiment. Will see how they grow. I’m chompin’ at the bit….can’t wait for some fresh greens. The grocery store produce just doesn’t have flavor. I’ll eat right from the tank. A little dirt doesn’t hurt. Shucks, I’ve had cow poop all over my face and hair and I’m still alive. Here again, the netting is for the chickens AND the cats. Oh the cats….that really gets my goat!       033.jpg           Just wanted to show you my “tomatoes” that I have in the house. Remember I started some seeds to see if I’ve got the touch? Now, I’m begging for a greenhouse. I want it heated so that I can sit out there in the dead of winter and “play” when the going gets rough. And eat boxes of donuts and bags of chocolates and pans of lemon bars. It’ll be my “girl cave”. No boys allowed……………………….Carol

P.S. This is totally unrelated……The boys and I were watching a show a while back and a “busy signal” was mentioned. They looked at me and asked……what’s that? So, I proceeded to explain to them what the old rotary and land line phones were all about. If someone was on the line…a buzzing sound, and you had to call back later. How weird….they couldn’t imagine such a time….haha. Now you know that I’m a 70’s child. They think I’m old.