Well, it’s been awhile. Here’s the latest news from the dairy farm. Lots of things happening. Life on a farm is never dull. Life with teenage boys is never dull. I’m not lying when I say this…..I love the teenage years. They’re so much easier than the baby years. Have you ever tried to raise babies in a milk barn while milking cows?! Yep, I’ll take the teenagers any day. Here’s a little glimpse of what our youngest has been up to……….    086.jpg      Marshall is the FFA leader of the family. He takes it very seriously as you can see. So, this was the week for the big FFA banquet. He came home from school the night before and informed me of the upcoming events. Teenagers are so good at giving a 24 or even 12 hour notice for all important meetings. Keeps me on my toes. Needless to say….he cleaned up on the awards. Just look at that beaming face…..and I was pretty happy too.        075.jpg       Farm boys clean up pretty nice, don’t they? Doesn’t he look handsome in that tie and nice looking jacket. What a big night for Marshall. He was excited!     079.jpg        Here we go….the first award. We didn’t really know what to expect. He submitted 3 different essays but had no idea if he had placed or not. He did all the writing on his own. I didn’t even proof read or get to see them before he handed them in. Probably because he wrote them in the wee hours of the morning.    081.jpg       Dairy production award…….because we’re the only dairy. Hahaha…..but he made the effort and that deserves something, right? Then on to diversified livestock and vegetable production. I was totally unprepared for so many winnings. “Oh ye of little faith”!  Never underestimate the power of a “farm boy”.       085.jpg     Yep, he’s also an officer. He was a nervous wreck when he interviewed for this. I would have loved to listen to the whole conversation. So, they made the big announcement at the banquet. Sentinel it is! He said his job is to sit at the door and welcome people. (basically….do nothing) Haha He’ll make a great greeter. All he needs is a smile and a firm handshake. Nothing wimpy!    089.jpg        So after all was said and done….this is what happened. Once he took his tie and jacket off…..all he had was black pants and white shirt. The classic Amish attire. So what does he do? Pulls out his suspenders and Amish straw hat. I promise this was not staged. I rounded the corner and about flipped when I saw him. Quite comical….with his phone. He’s a very grounded young man…………………………Carol