Yes! Finally, I am reaping the harvest. I planted cold weather vegetables the first of March and am now enjoying the “fruits of my labor”. It is so delicious! Vegetables that are packed full of flavor. I’m not being ungrateful, but the grocery store vegetables taste pretty bland compared to homegrown. Gardening takes some effort, but well worth it.   014.jpg     Just look…..a sight for sore eyes. I could eat my lunch outside by the garden….all I need is a salt shaker. I can use my handy dandy pocket knife to cut and trim….shake off the dirt and we’re good to go. Hmmm…..where has that pocket knife been? What have I been cutting today?     012.jpg      I love red leaf lettuce…..green lettuce…..any color lettuce. All that work of putting a cage around everything finally paid off. Those sorry “chickens” tried their best…but to no avail. My ongoing war with the chickens is almost over. I have my pen built….all I lack is to cut their wings so that they can’t fly over the fence. I’ve asked myself a thousand times…..is this really worth it??? Still no answer.  013.jpg      Kale is cool! Or so I hear. I like to eat it when it’s young and tender. Hot or cold? I’ll take it either way. I planted enough for an army though. I always seem to get carried away during planting season. This year I’m going to try and rein it in a bit when I plant the rest of my garden. Not plant more than is necessary. Be reasonable….practice self-control. Is that possible for a “mad cow milkmaid”? We shall find out.    010.jpg       Last but not least. My apple trees are blooming right now. Such beautiful blooms. I’m hoping for a bountiful harvest. We like homemade applesauce and we ate the last of it about a week ago. It’s a mess to make, but sure is tasty. “Farm to table”….”know where your food comes from”….”farm to fork”….everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon. I didn’t even know it, but I’ve been on the “bandwagon” ever since I was a kid. Some things never change…………………….Carol