Shhh……I’m going to try and slip in a short post about Michael and his “prom night”. If he gets wind of this, my life may be in danger. He kept insisting that I not post but……he cleaned up so nice and looked so handsome in his tuxedo that I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. So, I’m going to take a gamble………………    030         This is proof that we farm folk can clean up when the need arises. He went in to our local department store and ordered this tuxedo all by himself. Of course, the kind people at the store helped him on everything. All he needed to know was the color of his bow tie. They gave him little tidbits like how to stand with his hand in his pocket………looks nice. (excuse my laundry)    032.jpg      He didn’t take a “date”…..instead he and a bunch of his friends went together. They met early to take pictures and then headed out to eat at a nice restaurant. I would’ve loved to tag along for the pictures, but those bossy bovines wouldn’t allow it. I should ask the other parents for some reprints. Michael doesn’t give out a whole lot of information on things like this.   034.jpg      I gave him plenty of cash……..just in case. Mothers always think of the “what ifs”. All he needed was enough to pay for his own meal, but what if the others lost their wallet? What if they had a breakdown? Who’s driving anyway? What if? What if? I’ll take that back now……..     043.jpg     Look at that “horn” already rearing it’s ugly head. Keep that thing pushed down. Don’t do anything you’ll regret. Be smart. Haha No worries. Michael is pretty level headed. Besides, who wants to deal with Big Dad?! 028.jpg    He had a good time, but this is where he’s most comfortable. At home in his work clothes. He prefers to stay at home and do farm work…..and that suits me just fine. Of course, when it’s time to relax…….give him a gallon of milk and a full package of Oreos. He’s a growing boy………………………Carol