Ok, so this spring when the farm stores were having their “chick days” I promised myself that I would not buy any chicks. No way! I’m done! I stuck to my guns and I walked right on by the baby chicks. No amount of begging from Marshall deterred me……cold hearted ole’ Mom. Surprise! Surprise! You won’t believe what happened this weekend……………..    043.jpg      We have 4 new baby chicks! Several weeks ago I noticed a hen sitting on a nest of eggs…….right in the middle of our “burn pile”. Why there? So I decided to leave her alone and let’s see what happens. Well, this last weekend when I went to check on her I noticed some of her feathers moving. I pulled her to the side and……ta da…..baby chicks!! I was so excited! So cute and fluffy!   034.jpg     She laid her eggs right in the middle of a pile of net wrap. This was what came off of all the hay bales for the last 5-6 months. We need to burn , but we had to wait for her eggs to hatch. And besides…the dogs use this pile for their bed at night. All 5 of them. I know, I know….we’re crazy for having so many.    031.jpg      I wanted to know how many chicks there were, so I carefully pulled her up by her tail feathers and took a peek. ( she’s sassy ) I counted 3, then 4. Here’s a cute little “jerk” peeking out from underneath her. (“jerk” is an affectionate name for cute little babies on our farm)    050.jpg     She took them for a little stroll today. One of the cats got a little too close……she about went nuts! That cat needs a good “flogging”. I’m scared for those cute little chicks. It’ll be a miracle if they survive. So many dangers around this place. Maybe I can “herd” them into a safer environment somewhere, someplace, sometime tomorrow.    003.jpg     I always ask myself why bother with chickens? I guess this would be reason enough. Not only do I get an endless supply of fresh eggs…..but cute little baby chicks too. It’s a win-win situation. I think………………Carol