It’s that time of year again. Time to put up feed for the bossy bovines. It’s hard work and requires all hands on deck. Michael is the “main man” when it comes to mowing down the feed. He loves driving tractor and loves mowing down hay. I am more than happy to oblige. I did my time for years. I will gladly turn the job over to someone else.  So, I followed Michael around the field on the four-wheeler and took pictures and videos. A very easy job.   027.jpg      Just look at all that beautiful feed. This is winter wheat that was planted last fall. Some of our fields are used for grazing and the rest is used for wheat silage. The cows love this feed. It makes them have awesome milk production. It’s important to mow this down at just the right stage. Earl has it all down to a science. I just nod my head and pretend to understand it all.        022.jpg      Here you can see how tall it was. It was lush and thick. Having a good stand is very important. We need all the feed we can get. After mowing it down we always allow it to lay for several days to give it some drying time.   019.jpg           Let me just say one thing about wheat….it’s impossible to bale it up dry. We have tried and it does not work! Amen! So, we bale it at around 40% moisture and wrap it in silage wrap. The wrap will seal off all oxygen and turn it into more of a silage feed. In a nut shell……this allows us to put up excellent feed for the cows where we otherwise would end up with moldy hay.    017.jpg     Those naughty teenage heifers were just hangin’ out and being lazy. They enjoyed watching the show. In their minds they’re thinking……mmmmmm…I can’t wait to eat some of that delicious feed. Next comes the baling and wrapping. Stay tuned for more details…………………..Carol