Ok, so my last post was about mowing down hay for the cows. I’m supposed to be talking about the next step….raking and hauling and wrapping. We’re still in the middle of all that feed making process, so I’ve got plenty of time to talk “feed” later on. Instead I’m going to slip in a short gardening story. I’ve been working on this project all spring and finally wrapped it up.    003.jpg        This particular bed was long overdue for an extreme makeover. It was looking stale and outdated. Plus it desperately needed some fresh compost. I love taking something old and ugly and transforming into something beautiful.   030.jpg    I found this compost pile in the back pasture. I was so excited….it’s good stuff. So, I grabbed Michael and we headed to the back 40. It took 2 loads of this “gold” to transform one big bed. I sure hope it makes things grow.    034.jpg      Just look at the ugliness! It was so weed infested and the soil was hard and ugly. My poor hostas were gasping for air. I didn’t have it all planned out in my head…..I just started digging. The rest of the inspiration came to me as I went along.  I think I broke a sweat when I did all that shovel work, but I am not complaining. That wicked weather from last winter is still too fresh in my mind.    012.jpg       It’s amazing what a little TLC can do. I wish I had more time to sit and relax in this chair. It’s an excellent place to hide from the rat race. I freshened up my little gravel pathway. It was looking very worn and tattered. I shoveled the gravel onto my little trailer and carried it in by bucket. Not an easy job, but I was determined.   013.jpg      I put in a few new plants. Three lilac bushes and two oak leaf hydrangeas. A few coral bells and some annuals. Here’s to hoping that everything will grow beautifully this summer.  The cat is very real!   016.jpg     So, this is what I’ve been doing in my spare time. Now I need to keep moving around to the rest of the beds. My poor patio is crying out for attention. It is very important to get this feed project finished up because I’ve got flowers to plant………………….Carol