Wow! Chalk it up for another busy week. End of school activities and the best part…..Candace made a surprise visit. Marshall had 9th grade promotion and she decided to make a quick trip to surprise the boys. I almost let the “cat out of the bag” so many times, but I prevailed. They were shocked! She pulled a good one. It was just for a few days, but that was better than nothing at all.   033.jpg       Here you go….the 3 stooges. Marshall is now a full-blooded high schooler. Michael will be a big bad senior next year and Marshall a sophomore. What in the world will I do once they leave the nest?! Cry myself to sleep every night or bury myself in more flowerbeds to ease the heartache?   026.jpg     Promotion is basically a small ceremony introducing all the freshman to the high school. The junior high consists of 7th, 8th, and 9th. Then they move over to the high school building and finish out 10th, 11th, and 12th. With both boys at the high school I’m hoping I will get all the necessary information I need. Marshall is the communicator….Michael is not! Read between the lines.    010.jpg       Candace and Marshall are big buds! They can talk “smack” like none other. They have all kinds of weird passwords and crazy codes. Notice the little “kitten” down there trying to photo bomb? One of many we have right now. We’ve had a population explosion of kittens this spring. Like I need more cats?!   037.jpg     We’ve had a nice little break from all the “feed making”.  This is the first we’ve cleaned up in a month. Give or take a few days. Haha We don’t get off the farm much……we discovered there is life “out there”. Really though, our to do list is starting to grow longer again and I’m still trying to catch up from the last time. I now have permanent bags under my eyes…..and I’m planting flowers like a “Mad Cow”………………Carol