I’ve also been busy placing all my “garden flags” around the farm. Memorial Day is just around the corner and it was very important to have them all up and proudly waving in the wind. I love decorating with the flag, but more importantly I’m so grateful for the sacrifices that have been made so that we can live free. Once I place all my flags…..they usually stay up for the rest of the summer. This is what I have……………      024            This one stays up all the time. I never take it down. It certainly adds color in the dreary days of winter, and summer time is for all the patriotic holidays. The flag adds beauty anywhere I put it.    031         A patriotic welcome on my front porch. No one ever comes to the front door……everyone likes the back porch best. But I still have to have my front porch looking its best….just in case. The cats like it too…..we have a litter of kittens living here.         017.jpg      Welcome to the dairy farm! This is out by the road flowerbed. This gives the whole front yard a nicer look. I usually take these down after the holiday and just keep them safe until the next use. Too many “pranksters” in our neck of the woods.     027     My concrete cow decided to mooooove her legs and walk out to the barn. Haha What a pathetic joke?! Michael moved her for me…..notice her cute little cow bell? She desperately needs a coat of black and white paint, but that will have to wait for the “dog days” of summer…..when it’s too hot to move. She did ask for a flag to stay by her side. I gladly granted her wish.     034.jpg      And this about does it. My color scheme this year is red, white, and blue. More purple than actual blue but I’m ok with that. I always have red……a farm must have red flowers. Those are the rules. Enjoy the weekend…………………Carol