Well, guess what?! The “Farmer” and the “Milkmaid” got to go on a mini vacation. We haven’t taken a vacation like this in…..forever! No kidding….dairy farmers don’t get much time off. That’s one of the many sacrifices that we face. So, here is the scoop……    119.jpg     Can you guess where we went? Haha Our nation’s capital…..Washington D.C. It was definitely something to see. We had such a great time!   131.jpg     Alright, I’m going to give just a few of the highlights so as not to bore you to death about our “miracle” vacation.  First of all…..my brother is the one that suggested we do this. He lives in the big city and so he took on the responsibility to show us “country bumpkins” around. He was our personal tour guide. Can’t beat a deal like that. And then it just so happened that my “favorite” Aunt was also on vacation. Same week…same hotel…same places. Wow! It was awesome!    268.jpg         We saw so many monuments and statutes it was unreal. So very interesting. We read about all these places for years and then all of a sudden…..it becomes a reality. Amazing!   309.jpg     Arlington National Cemetery was a highlight. So much history. Very sobering. A quiet place.     349.jpg      Another highlight was the Segway Tour. Who would’ve ever guessed that we would ride one of those awesome machines?! I guess all that tractor driving…four wheeler… gator…was important training, because we got the hang of it right away. Surprise! Surprise! This was the group we toured with. The “red guy” was our fearless leader. I definitely recommend this tour.   376.jpg     Another great memorial. We were in awe the whole time we were there. This city is packed full of history. We basically walked around with our mouths hanging open the whole time. If it wouldn’t have been for my brother……the city would have eaten us for lunch!     398.jpg      Uncle Sam wants you!! Earl was on a roll! The whole week. I think “the farmer” enjoyed his time off.   401.jpg     And don’t forget about 007. Yep…we met them all. Looks pretty real for “wax museum” don’t ya think?!  459.jpg     Last but not least….the most important part of the whole week. The boys did all the chores….by themselves. They were knocking on deaths door, but we rescued them just in the knick of time. They did a fabulous job! We left the farm in their hands and they came through with flying colors. They worked their “butts” off, but now they know what they’re made of. It was hard work…they were bone weary…hungry as a horse…and still survived. Haha So now…we are back to reality and hittin’ it hard once again……………………Carol