Vacation? What vacation? It doesn’t seem real that we ever went anywhere. We’re right back into the thick of things. This time it’s hauling “cow poop”. The good, rich stuff….straight from the lagoon. Does it ever stink! Come along and I’ll show you some really disgusting pictures. If you can’t stomach “dirty”…..look away!   034.jpg             Alright, this is Michael demonstrating how this thing works. He was the “stir man” while Earl hauled it off. There’s a propeller on the end of this and it whips the “slur” into a total frenzy. This is all liquid runoff from the lots. Thank goodness school’s out and I had Michael here to help with this stinky project. I especially like the poop all over his legs.     028.jpg     Earl comes along and they fill the tanker to the brim. As you can see, it gets a little messy. They built the stand especially for this project. The pallets…….we have tons of them stacked out back. They come in pretty handy at times like these. It doesn’t look fancy and all, but who cares?! We’re hauling cow poop.  They take it out and spread it on the pastures.  It sure makes things grow…..a great “all natural” fertilizer.   052       The day after is always clean up day. Everything must be cleaned with the high pressure washer. It’s a dirty job, but it has to be done. That cow poop will eat everything up if you don’t.       063.jpg      Michael has the fun job…..climbing to the top. Earl and I are old enough now to know that some things are not safe anymore. So, that’s when the “young blood” comes in handy. We can’t afford to have anyone get hurt. It takes the whole family to run this place.    064.jpg            Marshall was the official inspector. He has no problem pointing out any missed spots. Much to Michaels dismay. So, that’s what was happening this week. I was busy whipping my yard into shape and trying to finish up my patio. That’s an endless summer job. I just “piddle around” on the patio all summer…………………….Carol