Oh, to be a kid again! Remember what it was like being carefree and innocent? No worries. No responsibilities. No stress. No work. Just playtime. Well, we had some “little people” come to the farm last week and remind us what being a kid is all about. They wanted a pony ride, but it turned into more than that. Who knew that a dairy farm had so many “fun” toys to play with?! Come see the farm through a child’s eyes……     057.jpg      This is Cooper and Lizzie……our little friends. Marshall was more than happy to give them a pony ride. Wow! Life is good…..popsicles and ponies!     046.jpg                They wanted to go play in the feed. This is like a huge sandbox to little kiddos. But oh dear…….as a Mother it is a nightmare. You might as well strip your child outside before going to the house. Otherwise, you’ll have feed all over your floor. I know these things….been there, done that.    044.jpg       So much fun! Climbing Mt. Everest……or so they thought. And guess what? They thought the feed smelled so good. Now that tells me something…..they are true farm kids! Who else will think that cow feed smells good?!    041.jpg         Just for the record…..this is how we push down feed. The feed is augured up to the top of the barn and then we have to fill all the individual bins that drop down to the feeders where the cows eat. There are 10 bins to fill. If you would like to get a workout…..come on over. Think cardio! It “ain’t” easy!      040.jpg                   Little Gentry wasn’t sure what to think of the pony. Just being a little cautious, but always a happy girl. Dani and I tried to catch up with each others lives while the kids played. She has a “human herd” and I have a “cow herd”. Both super busy Moms. Some day we’re going to be able to go have “time off” days again.     039      They wanted a 4-wheeler ride. That’s always fun! It looks like Cooper has a mustache, but it’s just a reflection from the sun. I’m not a professional photographer….just a milkmaid. Haha We had just finished all the calf feeding in the back. As you can see the trailer is loaded down with buckets and cans. I’ll need to give you another update on all my cute little “jerks”. (affectionate name for calves)     049.jpg       So there you have it…..fun day at the farm. We didn’t have time to play with all the baby kittens. Or the little calves. Or watch the cows being milked. We’ll have to do that another day. Maybe we’ll have ice cream cones next time…………………Carol