Ok, it’s time to finish this dirty job of hauling manure. Now that we’ve got the lagoon emptied…..it’s time to haul off the solids. This is what we call the “dry stack”. It smells pretty “rich” too. We use a totally different spreader to do this job. I should’ve asked the “farmers” which is the worse of two evils. Liquid or solids?  Either way….it’s a smelly job, but they don’t seem to mind it at all.      010          This is the spreader we use for the solids. Michael is on his way out to pasture to empty it and come back for more. Back and forth….all afternoon. Beware…..flying poop alert!        007           Here we have Earl filling up the spreader. Look closely and you’ll see the concrete wall back there. That’s to contain everything and just to the left is the small opening where the liquid flows into the lagoon. It all makes sense when you see it in real life. Haha Who knew cow poop could be so complicated?! Earl is the “master” at tractor loader controls. Years of practice I suppose.      011.jpg         The fun part…..spreading. Marshall and I followed on the four-wheeler to get a closer look. Don’t get too close….you’ll get splattered. The spreader shoots everything out the side pulverizing as it goes.     013.jpg     Here’s a closer look at flying cow poop. Haha I should’ve taken a picture of the inside of the spreader so you can get a better idea of what’s happening. Me….I didn’t think that far. I forget that some things have never been seen or told. At least you have an idea of what’s happening…right?!      035.jpg        Well, thank goodness that job is wrapped up. We got a beautiful rain right after they spread all that on the pastures. Oh, will the grass ever grow now! That also means the weeds will be going crazy. So, we had our “sprayer dude” come spray everything for us. He can do it so much faster than we can. Come to think of it….do we even have a sprayer? Does it work? Hope not, because this guy can do it in a few hours whereas it would take us all week. Michael did not get run over. He just sat there and the sprayer slowly drove over him….literally. Farm boys…..what will they do next……………………Carol