So, here’s the question of the day. Is it easier to raise calves in the summer time or winter time? Well, in my opinion (that’s scary) there are pros and cons either way. Anyway, let me show you what’s happening on the “calf front” these days……………..     023.jpg      Take a look….this calf has a question for you. Yep, we’ve had some crazy markings over the years. This is one of the best. I just wish I could wipe my nose like this. When it’s cold outside….there is no time to stop and wipe your nose with a Kleenex and be all lady like. Instead I just wipe my nose on my sleeve and keep right on working. Milkmaids pick up some really bad habits. That’s why it’s scary for me to be seen in public. Who knows when one of my “habits” will rear it’s ugly head?!     020.jpg              Ok, here’s the deal. As much as I hate cold weather…..it is easier to raise healthy calves in the wintertime……I think. It gets so blasted hot in Oklahoma and the flies! Oh dear…..do we ever fight flies! For the sanity of the calves we keep them and their pens sprayed on a regular basis. We have to. The flies will slowly drive them insane. Biting and carrying all kinds of disease. What good are flies anyway?!      017         Marshall is my “right hand man” with all the calf feeding this summer. That helps tremendously with the work load. Oh, and don’t forget the “chic”….that’s her nickname. Dixie is her official name but I added “chic” and it stuck. She rides on the front of the 4-wheeler…..she’s the boss!       007            So, the moral of the story is…….it takes extra time and work to keep the calves feeling energetic and healthy in the summer heat. We still fight the same diseases that we do in the winter time….plus flies. Calves are susceptible to anything. They definitely keep you on your toes. No rest for the weary. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…………………………..Carol