Seems like every week has it’s own drama. This week was no different. This time it was directed at the milkmaid. My whole week has been “messed up”. I feel totally out “of sync”. Here’s what happened……      037.jpg           Take a good look at these calves. They are the “tweens” of the dairy farm. Don’t let that “look” fool you. That calf is daring you to come inside their pen and try to feed them. That’s exactly what I did. (notice my gangly arms taking the photo)  They caught me by the trough and proceeded to torture me. They pushed my knee up against the side of the trough and hyperextended, twisted and turned…..trying to break every muscle. I thought my leg was going to fall off. I could hear the muscles “crunching”.        039.jpg                 I have no idea what I said…if anything at all. I do know that if I uttered any sound it was probably not very nice. If I called them names….it was every name in the book. It was a very stressful moment! I managed to haul my butt out of there and immediately sat down to assess the damage. My leg was not falling off! So I made it back to the house and rubbed this salve on my bruised leg…..and wrapped it with bandage. Ok, now stop laughing about my salve and let me explain. This is used on a cows udder when she has edema. (swelling of the udder) And because I have mad-cow I use this stuff to soothe sore muscles and now my extremely painful knee. Milkmaids do not go to the doctor unless they are dying or need a tetanus shot.     032             This is what my leg looks like when I’m milking. No, I did not get to sit in the house…put my feet up…and sip ice tea. I needed to keep moving so the dumb thing wouldn’t lock up on me. Then I’d really be up a creek without a paddle. I wrapped saran wrap around the bandage and then duct tape to hold it in place. I could walk, but couldn’t bend it. So, my nickname is “log leg”. Very attractive….don’t ya think?!     019.jpg             Every day gets better. I can now slowly bend it part way. I can’t dance just yet, but give it time. No sudden turns and definitely no running. That would send me straight into orbit. Holy Moly! I’m still feeding calves, but with help. I haven’t stepped foot inside that den of lions….and have no plans to. Ever! Amen! I’m no spring chicken anymore…………..Carol