As much as I love summertime, there are a few things that really get on my nerves. For example…..flies! We fight the flies all summer long. In the barn, in the house, on the cows and the calves. They create chaos all over the farm. What good are flies, anyway? So, here’s the deal. Those flies were torturing the cows. Biting and buzzing 24/7. The cows were miserable…..swishing nasty tails across my mouth and eyes…..stomping feet…..kicking milkers…..banging heads……you get the idea.       002.jpg      So, one morning Farmer Brown decided enough is enough. Let’s get this problem taken care of once and for all. Well, for the rest of the season, that is. It’s called “wormer”. We buy it by the gallons. Another thing we’ve discovered over the years……get it done in the barn during chores. Kill 2 birds with one stone. Milk them and worm them at the same time.       003.jpg      I’m warning you, this is very professional. As soon as they finish milking and are ready to exit the barn, we attack with the wormer. Earl’s on the ladder and as they walk past to leave….he squirts the wormer on their backs. The “gun” comes with the order and we set it according to weight. It’s the fastest and easiest way.     005       Some of them act a little skittish when they see Earl up high on the ladder. Wouldn’t you? But, with a little “pep talk” from their favorite “milkmaid” they’re on their way. It’s always such a relief to check off such a huge project. This will last the rest of the summer. Actually, we should have done it much sooner, but that’s how things roll around here.     007.jpg      When the cows came up for the afternoon milking, they were so calm and at peace. In fact, they were slow and lethargic. Look, not a single fly on their backs. It was crazy! I couldn’t believe it. The wormer is absorbed through their hide and keeps the nasty flies away.   045.jpg       I took this picture in the morning when the sun was just starting to come up. It put out a glow across the backs of the cows. It was a humid morning and we had the misters running. I quickly ran for my phone and took a few pictures before the moment was gone. That’s what you call “Happy Cows”. And they live right here in Oklahoma……………………Carol