How in the world did we end up with 5 dogs?! Holy Cow! We were a one dog farm for years and then suddenly everything changed. What happened? I’ll blame the kids. Maybe more Candace than anyone else. She’s the “dog lover”. And now she’s out travelling the world and I have to take care of them. Shh…..don’t tell, but I’ve become quite attached.     020.jpg       This is our “farm girl” at heart. She’s just not at the farm right now. She thought the “one” dog needed more friends. One thing led to another and now look what happened. Let me clarify something. If I lived in town and my dogs had to be tied up or penned up all the time…….I would not have any. I would feel so sorry for them. Dogs love to roam and run wild and free. We’ve got plenty of room for roaming.  So, I’m ok with the craziness.     029.jpg       Farm dogs love to help haul hay. It’s their favorite job.  They will ride on the back of the truck all day. Back and forth, back and forth. The only time they get off is to go jump in the pond and cool off. Musket (the big black one) only has three legs. He had an accident with a truck and the family vote was to save his life. He is “king”!     018.jpg     These are the “pups”.  Only they’re not pups anymore. Clyde and Brawny. Brothers and best friends. They keep my front yard littered with dead carcasses. Farms have lots and lots of varmints. And just this week Michael was missing a chore boot early one morning. Who would do a thing like that?!      017.jpg       Then we have the youngest of the “pack”. Little Dixie Chic. She always rides up front with me in the AC. Not spoiled at all. She sleeps all day. Every once in awhile she’ll fall off the seat and then she’ll have to turn around 5 times to get comfortable again. It’s a “dog eat dog” world I live in. Most importantly….they keep the cats in line. Don’t ever allow the cats to think that they rule…………………..Carol