Ok…let’s get this show on the road. We’ve got 2 truck drivers…a tractor in the field loading the wagons…and a tractor at home putting it into the barn. Hop in and come along. I’ll show you how it’s done. It’s actually not too bad…if you can stay awake. Grab some caffeine…turn your music up loud…and speed down the road. It’s late…you’re the only one out and about.    031.jpg      We did get half of it hauled off before dark. Then we had to stop and do the evening chores. Several hours later you’re finally ready to go at it again. Michael is the “loader man”. He’s a machine! He’s got it down to a science.    035.jpg      We like to have them all bunched into piles of seven. That saves so much time when we pull into the field. Marshall did the bunching. That’s a perfect job for him, and he’s very good at it.     040.jpg     And finally….this is me. The truck driver has to pay attention and pull up at just the right angle…and make sure you have a full load before you take off. Otherwise the tractor driver will shoot daggers your way and be flailing arms like a wild man. Not that it has ever happened…maybe. I’m the one that gets all the crazy hand signals…screaming and hollering…and evil looks. I’m left handed…everyone else is right handed. They think I do everything backwards. I’ve learned exactly what to do and what not to do.     042.jpg      Dixie Chic rode up front with me while the big dogs rode on the back. She’s got the best seat in the house.     039.jpg          This is Earl’s job. Stacking hay in the barn. He’s a pro at it. I’ve done it before, but it takes me forever and it gets very frustrating. Marshall and I were bringing them home as fast as we could and he had them put up by the time we came back with more.      044.jpg       On Thursday morning the hay barn was empty….by Friday morning it was full of hay. What an awesome feeling. It smells so sweet when I walk out to the barn. We finally finished and walked into the house around 12:30 Thursday night/Friday morning. A nice hot shower and a soft comfy bed….never felt so good. And then on Friday when it was raining….I had myself a nice long nap. It was so rewarding. Now we can finally slam the door on the hay barns. If we had doors…………………Carol