I wish I had more time and energy. I’m so behind in my “story telling”. There’s so much to say, but so little time. And when I do have time…I’m too tired. It’s a vicious cycle I’m living in. Things are looking up though…it’s football season…..and pumpkin season.      006.jpg      This is our first “pumpkin” of the calving season. A cute little stinker-pie. We had 4 angus bulls with the herd since spring. So, you know what that means. Lots of black calves this year. I’m kinda excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. I know what awaits me for the next 6 months. Help!     007.jpg      Here’s Momma. She’s proud as a peacock. She’s a first time heifer which means this was her first calf ever. She did a fantastic job as first timer. Young heifers don’t always cooperate. They’re young and dumb. Cows and humans are so much alike. I remember being young and dumb. I’m not young anymore, but still dumb at times.    002.jpg      Black angus calves are so much easier to take care of than any other breeds. Holstein calves tend to be frail and weak. Little Jersey calves are stubborn and tiny. Black calves are stout and strong. That’s just my personal opinion after feeding calves for 25 years. Feeding calves is an “art”.

     It was quite a rodeo getting “momma” into the barn. First time heifers have never been milked before and they have no idea what to do. It takes lots of patience (which I don’t have) and time. It’s maddening. Some don’t have a forward…just reverse. Some are wild and mean and others are stubborn as a mule. Once they realize they get to eat though, you can’t get them to leave. They eventually figure it out and behave like the rest of the herd. So, we’re getting geared up for lots more little pumpkins to come……………………….Carol