My little garden shed was a total disaster. I had neglected it for months. So, now that it’s time to put my garden toys away, I decided I had to do some cleaning and organizing.  073.jpg        It’s always a sad day for me when I have to put “patio furniture” away for the winter. As you can see my description of patio furniture covers a wide range of stuff. I had to organize just to fit everything into my little hut. The sleds and ice skates will come out at some point, but I’m in no hurry for that. Brrrr………  070.jpg            I cleared the old table just in case I get inspired to make a few wreaths for Christmas. Everything depends on the weather. I’m hoping for a mild, dry winter which is basically every dairy farmers wish.     072.jpg       I stacked my doors inside and wrote one last memo on my chalkboard. The only ones that fit my budget are chocolate and whiskey. I’ve been a chocolate lover for ages. Not sure about the whiskey….but the “old timers” swear by it.  Life isn’t easy…….   069.jpg            Outside the door is my little cilantro patch. I’m not sure how the seed got carried over to this point, but I’m happy with it. I make homemade salsa all the time. Any “cowboy” that I feed always likes to have chips and salsa. So, I planted a bit more the other day. Cilantro loves cool weather.       068.jpg          There you have it….my rustic garden shed. Fits my style and holds all my “stuff” throughout the winter months. My Dr. Pepper sign is gold! I’ve looked high and low for another one….they are elusive. Once I do….I’m buying 2, 3, maybe 4. Until then……..this Milkmaid is getting ready for hibernation…………………….Carol