We are in full swing of the calving season. We might have 4-5 calves in one day. It’s a crazy and hectic time of year. So many faces to feed. Every morning and every night. I’ll share with you some of my favorites…….     033.jpg      I have a fairly short row of hutches for now……it’s growing daily. This is where I get my walks in…..all winter long. Raising calves is complicated. There’s so much to do every day. I can easily spend hours and hours working on the whole operation.    031.jpg     When the north wind is howling and it’s freezing cold……these hutches are nice and cozy. Maybe a calf hutch could be the “timeout” place when the “boys” are naughty. Earl included. Just a thought……..      083.jpg        Don’t kid yourself…these calves are the biggest photo bombers. If I wait around long enough I can get some really crazy pictures. This is “Tongue out Tuesday”….but I can’t remember if it actually was on a Tuesday. Does it matter?      081.jpg     They always like to give me a “pretty please” look to try and get more milk or an ear scratch. Or they start “screaming” at me to make me think that they haven’t been fed yet. They ain’t nobody’s dummy…..smart calves.  That’s why I sprinkle a little bit of milk on their nose so I know who’s been fed. Smart Milkmaid!     078.jpg        And yes, I try to teach them to always keep their nose clean. haha A wet nose is a healthy calf. Watch their eyes. Their breathing. Look for droopy ears. All signs of sickness. It’s called cow lingo. I can have a full on conversation with a cow/calf. My life in a cows world.     036.jpg       They have attitude just like humans. They hold their head up high and give you that look…..I dare you! It’s pretty cute when they’re little, but when they get to be older…it’s not at all funny. Then it just gets to be annoying. So, that’s my life right now. Cows, calves, cats and dogs. And tons of cow poop. I need a vacation…………………………Carol