Speaking of timeout…..that got me to thinking. Maybe it’s time for the “milkmaid” to take a timeout instead of the “farm boys”. I’m not planning on camping out in a calf hutch or anything crazy….just a simple R&R from writing. I’m going to leave you with a few of my favorite farm pictures while I take a rest…….       038.jpg      I love the red calves and the red and white. Brings some extra color into my black and white world. This calf was born with an extra dose of attitude. Cute little stinker.    057.jpg     Oh my….what a sweet little pup. My favorite little Dixie chic. Her bark is definitely worse than her bite. She barks at the big cows and when they turn on her…….she runs for her life. Haha Sissy girl!    067.jpg      This calf was born two days ago. I saw it hiding in the grass on my return trip from feeding calves. Those big furry ears were a dead give away.      003.jpg      Fall sunsets are the best! I was in the barn milking and decided to sneak out for a little break. I’m so glad I did or I would’ve missed this beautiful scene. I was sitting in one of my favorite garden chairs and had a perfect view. I just sat there and enjoyed. I eventually went back to work.     048.jpg           Our farm boys….couldn’t do this without them. Michael is a senior this year. He used to be my big helper……now I’m his little helper. He’s bigger, stronger, and faster than what I am. Time flies when you’re having fun……or something like that. Marshall is still the baby of the family….keeps us entertained with lots of drama.    018.jpg       Our farm girl is finally coming home in December. Praise the Lord! It’s been a long time a comin’. This was on a short visit home and the pup was soakin’ up some sun while listening to some tunes. What a sweet picture.     055.jpg     Last but not least…..my morning sunrise while feeding calves. All was peaceful and quiet. What a lovely start to another day. I’ll miss you and hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Eat plenty of Halloween treats and lots of turkey for Thanksgiving……..not to mention the scrumptious ham for Christmas. I love the holidays. I’ll catch up with you all after the first of the year. See ya soon………………………..Carol