Hallelujah! It’s finally spring! With that being said, I decided it’s high time I crawl out of my “hibernation hole” and start communicating with humans again. It has been a long hard winter.     275.jpg      I want to start out with a little introduction of myself and my “farm crew”. I was born and raised in Ohio on a grain farm. I met my “cowboy” and he brought me out here to the wild, wild West. We started our dairy farm in 1993 on his family farm in Northeastern Oklahoma. This is where we’ve been ever since. I milk cows twice a day, seven days a week. I love the cows, but the work is hard and the stress is real…….so I turn to gardening for therapy and self-care. Gardening heals the heart and soul.  271.jpg      We have 3 young farmers. We depend heavily on their help around the farm. We have no employees, so this is 100% family owned and operated. We’re just a small little speck compared to all the gigantic dairy farms all over the country. Candace is the oldest at 22…then we have Michael (on the left ) at 18. A senior this year. And the kid…at 16. All hard workers and keep us alive and kicking.  228.jpg     I try to share on this website a little insight of our life on a dairy farm. We have good days…bad days…and really bad days. The picture is a perfect example of a very bad day. In fact, this has happened to all of us at one time or another. You simply wipe it off and keep on goin’. It happens!   265.jpg       We have one Brown Swiss cow. She’s a bit on the sassy side, but gets away with it because she’s beautiful.  133.jpg     Most of our cows are Holstein and Jersey or Jersey crossbreeds. Holsteins are big and bossy and capable of producing lots of milk. Jersey / crossbreeds are smaller, but give excellent butterfat. That helps with your paycheck. Cows are a lot like humans. Some are super friendly and easy to get along with….then others are sassy and a pain in the neck to have around. You just have to learn to deal with all of them. However maddening it may be. So, that gives you an idea of what we are all about. I hope you come back and check up on us every now and then. I write about anything from cows, calves, dogs and cats….to all my gardening and flowers and even some farm food. It’s nice to be back……………..Carol