How about those chocolate covered strawberries?! One of my favorite treats. These are what kept me going the whole month of February. I always dip strawberries for Valentines Day and this year I just kept on dipping and dipping and dipping…….   183.jpg       ……and I ate and ate and ate. It was a bright spot in the midst of the “muck and the mire”. I’ll share with you some of my tips for this special treat. When buying your strawberries you always look carefully through every container slowly turning in all directions. Once you’ve inspected every single one….you go back to the first one you picked up. Happens every time. I always give them a quick rinse and let them air dry while I’m milking.     182.jpg      I have tried many different kinds of chocolate chips and this is by far the best. I’m a big fan of dark chocolate. Not just that, but definitely “Ghirardelli” brand. This melts so nice and smooth and has perfect consistency.  184.jpg     Next find a microwave safe bowl and dump in about half the bag or just take a wild guess what you’ll need. Don’t panic…..I have the perfect solution for any leftover chocolate. I microwave 10 to 15 second intervals….stirring between each one. Once you have a nice smooth consistency it’s time to start the fun.  189.jpg       I grab them by the tops and slowly dip making sure to leave a little red showing. Makes them look pretty. I might give them a little “shake” to let any excess chocolate run off and then lay them onto a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. I have a hard time keeping the “farmers” away to give them drying time.   187.jpg    I don’t always use the white chocolate, but I wanted to make these special. Just use the same brand of chips only white and repeat all the steps. Then use a cake decorating bag and cut a weenie little hole in the bottom to squeeze the white chocolate through. Just swirl back and forth….the messier the better. And here is the secret for all leftover chocolate. Take a bag of marshmallows and some toothpicks and start dipping. Leave a little white showing to make them look fancy. These are absolutely divine! 191      And there you have it….a farm girl’s goodness. These make everything right with the world once again………………..Carol