I always plant my “cold weather” vegetables in my old junk garden. I gathered together a bunch of old rusted out stock tanks and filled them with dirt. They make for great raised beds when my big garden is still too wet to till and plant. So, the first of March I gathered together some seeds and plants and headed out to the garden.      251.jpg        I planted a bunch of green onions….they sure are tasty. It’s so nice to just walk out the back door and pull a handful of fresh greens. Everything has so much flavor. I sure miss that during those cold winter months.  249.jpg     The kale just went crazy. I can’t keep up with it. It is so easy to grow. I like to put it into a stir-fry. Delicious!  250.jpg     The lettuce and spinach is also being very productive…..and it tastes absolutely fantastic. Nothing’s better than a fresh garden salad. I’ll eat them for breakfast, lunch and supper. So much lettuce to eat.   244.jpg             Let’s not forget the radishes. I like to visit my junk garden while I’m working outside and I just use my pocket knife to cut everything and pop it in my mouth. Hmmm……where has my pocket knife been? Don’t panic…I give it a swift wipe on my pants and we are good to go. A quick little snack. So, do you want to join the local food movement and find out how and where your food is grown? I have plenty right now and will share if you are craving a fresh garden salad………………….Carol